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The LREI Library enriches and supports the school’s progressive program. Our mission, in line with LREI’s mission, is to encourage students to become lifelong learners who are excited to read and research. We offer a rich collection of print and digital material that celebrates the diversity of our community and challenges students to engage in the global community.

Our librarians are leaders in their field. They connect students with resources they need for class projects and books they can’t put down for their free time. We encourage reading aloud to early readers as well as high-level readers, something that starts in the Marie Weiss Reading Room in the Fours and continues through High School.
Library Mission Statement
The LREI library seeks to implement, enrich and support the innovative educational program at LREI through access to resources and development of curriculum; and to improve reading and research skills through teacher training, collaboration, and traditional library education practices. The library also seeks to encourage reading as a pleasurable, recreational activity by providing a large selection of age appropriate, engaging fiction and non-fiction, and by presenting on-going educational and entertaining library programming to students of all ages. We take seriously our charge of creating life-long readers.
Sixth Avenue (Lower and Middle School)
M-TH: 8:00-5:30  F: 8:00-3:45
Students in the Fours through the Sixth Grade must be accompanied by an adult before and after school. Your friendly librarians at Sixth Avenue are Jennifer Hubert, Stacy Dillon and Jesse Karp.
Charlton (High School)
MT&F: 8:00-3:45 W: 8:00-4:30 TH: 8:00-5:00
The library is open to students whenever they are free unless a class has scheduled the library. Students with a study may use the library with permission from their study teacher and the librarian. Your friendly librarian at Charlton Street is Karyn Silverman.
Meet the Librarians
Stacy Dillon
Lower School Librarian
Queen's University at Kingston - B.A.H.
McGill University - M.L.I.S.
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Jennifer Hubert Swan
Middle School Librarian and Director of Library Services
212-477-5316, ext. 256
Olivet Nazarene University - B.A.
Wayne State University - M.L.S.
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Jesse Karp '87
Early Childhood and Interdivisional Librarian
212-477-5316, ext. 256
NYU - B.A.
Pratt Institute - M.L.I.S.
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Karyn Silverman
High School Librarian and Educational Technology Department Chair
212-477-5316, ext.311
Kenyon College - B.A.
University at Albany - SUNY - M.L.S.
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