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From Our Principal

From Our Principal
Middle School Life
Welcome to the Middle School at LREI. Life in our community of learners is at once demanding, engaging, supportive and always exciting. The middle school years are steeped in the spirit of inquiry and discovery that are at the core of LREI's progressive mission. During their time in the Middle School, students come to better understand the world that surrounds them and their capacity for effecting change in it.

While it is certainly the case that middle school provides important preparation for high school and beyond, we do not believe that this is enough to best meet the needs of our students. Rather, we are driven by the simple question, "How is our work with each child relevant to her/his lived adolescent experience?" So whether through work related to a piece of literature, an historical period, a science investigation or work in the arts and on the athletic fields, students are not only learning important skills and concepts, they are also learning to make meaning and sense of their own lives.

This is hard work. To succeed and thrive, LREI middle school students have the full support of an engaged and dynamic faculty and a community of peers that together create an environment where students feel safe and supported in taking risks with their learning. Our students understand that complicated problems often require a variety of approaches and that the best solution may emerge from the careful process of learning from mistakes and from others. Taking these kinds of daily risks in the context of a highly supportive learning community is a hallmark of the LREI experience.

While it is our hope that your exploration of the LREI digital world is a rich and thought-provoking one, we hope to see you in person as you learn more about our exceptional program.