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Welcome to 2020-2021!

Margaret Paul
Dear Families,
At the very beginning of our first official bi-weekly letter to you, we want to give a warm, LREI welcome to the families and students of the Class of 2024! They are a group 72 strong, and have entered the high school with enthusiasm and excitement. Yesterday at our faculty meeting we asked teachers to share how the first week of classes has been, and the resounding responses regarding our new 9th grade class were “They are so wonderful!” “They are so earnest and curious,” “I’ve already seen so many acts of kindness among them,” “They are clearly showing up ready for 9th grade.” We can’t wait to get to know them--and you--better in the coming weeks!
Our 10th through 12th graders have also shown up for the 2020-2021 school year in really wonderful ways, engaging immediately in their coursework, in Life Lab, in the Junior Trip Lab, and in College Class and Senior Project Lab. In addition, yesterday we all participated in a cross-grade opportunity as we discussed our summer reading books, and we were reminded how important these moments of community building are in this time of distanced learning. 
We want to remind you of some upcoming opportunities to connect to our high school community and to learn more about your student’s program. Below are the dates for grade-level potlucks and the 9th/10th and 11th/12th Curriculum Nights, which we hope you are able to attend. The potlucks are a wonderful way to meet other families, and Curriculum Night affords the opportunity to hear from your student’s teachers. Both will build and strengthen your connection to LREI and help support you in navigating this school year.
9th Grade Family Potluck: Monday, September 21 @ 6:30 pm
10th Grade Family Potluck: Thursday, September 24 @ 6:30 pm
(11th & 12th grade potlucks are in October)
9th/10th Curriculum Night: Tuesday, September 22 @ 6:30 pm; Zoom ID: 747-424-5440
11/12th Curriculum Night: Tuesday, September 29 @ 6:30 pm; Zoom ID: 747-424-5440
And finally, we are including as an attachment a “Who to Contact” page for the high school. We hope this will help you get the information you need as quickly as possible. This is also posted in Connect on the HS Resources page, and is in the HS Handbook. Please know that we, along with your advisors and grade-level deans, are here for your questions as this school year gets up and running. Please don’t hesitate to reach out as needed.

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