Spring in the High School!

Margaret Paul

Spring in the High School!

We cannot possibly communicate the energy and excitement that is animating the high school spaces these days . . . our students and teachers are engaging in rich, meaning-filled work that is starting to take the shape of experiences we had in school pre-pandemic. What does this mean and look like? Let us give you a few examples . . .
In 9th grade, students are getting to know each other across pods in so many fun ways! Last week the entire grade participated in a {highly competitive} neighborhood scavenger hunt with their advisory groups, sending in photos for each place in the neighborhood they made it to. And recently in Jane and Ashley’s Literature classes, students have discussed their texts across groups on Zoom, and then completed some pair writing work with another 9th grader they didn’t yet know. Each week teachers continue to pursue ways to help our Class of 2024 come together!
In 10th grade, students have engaged in a robust round of campaigning for the Junior Executive position on Student Government, and it has been great to see friends helping friends put up posters and talk to 9th graders about their options. Today we congratulate Leah and Tatsuya on a joint appointment as Junior Executives! Coming up very soon for our 10th grade will be the release of the 2021-2022 Electives Course Guide, so stay tuned!
Juniors have been busier than ever in the past few weeks. They engaged in their Junior Trip week in April, and tonight they will share about their work with families. If you would like to join please feel free: 747-424-5440. In addition, many junior electives have taken the opportunity of nicer weather to get out into the city for field trips to urban farms, art exhibits, and parks with grassy areas perfect for class discussions.
And our Seniors are still working hard in the experiential portion of the Senior Projects, so more to come about their work very soon!
Finally, we want to share a link to a page containing work produced in our Performing Arts classes last trimester. Please click HERE to view the films and performances by so many of our high school students. They continue to blow us away with their creativity within the constraints of Covid.
Again, there is so much happening in the high school right now. We encourage you to check your email and the @LREI Instagram page frequently to keep up with all that is unfolding in these final weeks of the school year.

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