Welcome Back!

Margaret Paul & Allison Isbell
Dear High School families,

The excitement that is running through the high school this week might be at an all time high! Our staff and students have returned with so much energy and enthusiasm for this school year, and these past few days have been SO MUCH FUN! Our hallways are filled with students and teachers catching up, students running arm in arm to meet up with friends they haven’t seen, and . . .  they are filled with squeals of delight at our new, 2nd floor bathrooms (yes, come take a look)! It has been such a wonderful return to school!

Below are some photos that attempt to capture all the ways our students are re-engaging with school this week, but can’t possibly come close to reality. Your kids are amazing, and we are so excited to begin our year together!

9th graders are at Camp Ramapo for orientation, and being led by our amazing Senior Peer Leaders, as well as their Faculty Advisors.
10th graders re-connecting with each other through activities at Pier 45. Today they are at Wild Play, a high ropes course at Jones Beach.
Juniors are tackling the Junior Trip Lab with impressive focus and engagement . . . we can’t wait to see what issues they will study and where they will go to study them. More to come on this throughout the trimester.
Seniors, the Class of 2023, are working hard to ramp up for the college admissions season, as well as beginning to think about their Senior Projects. 


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