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  • Fall 2017 Highlights

    Boys Varsity Soccer 
    First ever League and Playoff Champion team in LREI history.
    1st boys team to make NYSAIS tournament in any sport.
    1st NYSAIS tournament  - lost to Dalton 4-2
    Girls Varsity Soccer 
    Finished with 6-5 record
    Tied semi-final playoff game, but lost on penalty kicks
    Rachel finished career with 79 total goals.
    MS Soccer - 
    The middle school soccer team went undefeated for the 2nd year in a row and won the DISC tournament for the third straight year.
    Varsity Volleyball 
    ​11-3 overall , and undefeated ISAL league champs for 3rd year in a row.
    Lost Semi-Final game, 3-2, 
    Went to NYSAIS for 4th time in 5 years, lost to Marymount
    JV Volleyball 
    Tied for 1st place in league - Co champs!
    Lost in championship match, 2-1
    Varsity Cross Country 
    The girls and boys team won the 2017 ISAL Team Championship.
    LREI boys runners swept the championship meet, finishing in the top #1-5 spots. The girls finished at spots #1, 3 and 5.​
    ​Girls - 10th overall at NYSAIS
    Boys - 7th overall at NYSAIS
  • Winter 2018 Highlights

    Varsity Girls Basketball
    13-1 in league play.  Tied for 1st.
    63-3 overall in league play over last 5 years.
    Lost playoff semi-final game 61-59.
    JV Boys Basketball
    Finished 8-6 and tied for 3rd place. 
    Lost Semi-Finals playoff game.
    Boys 2nd, girls 3rd overall at ISAL Championships
    Record number or participants. 
    Beat Poly Prep and is trying to join a league next season. 
    We had two athletes who were top four in the five boroughs, and one athlete who was top three in the state.
  • Spring 2018 Highlights

    Varsity Softball
    finished in third place and beat #2 Bay Ridge Prep in semi-final.  
    Lost ISAL Championship to Leman.
    Varsity Baseball
    7-3 overall, 2nd place. Won semi-final game. 
    Did not get to play Championship game, it was rained out twice.
    MS Softball
    Won DISC league for third time.
    Boys Tennis
    Tied for 3rd and lost in semi-finals to Dwight 3-2.  
    Won ISAL overall championship.  Boys 2nd and girls were 1st.





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