LREI, as are most independent schools, is governed by a Board of Trustees whose members serve the school on a voluntary basis.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the following:
    • Ensuring that the school fulfills its historic and current mission
    • Hiring, supporting, and evaluating the Head of School
    • Securing the long-term financial viability of the School

To support the School in the current year and looking ahead to our future, the Board identifies and studies issues and challenges that will impact the School, then forms policies to address those issues. This is accomplished through a system of standing committees, as well as strategic committees and task forces, which focus on specific areas of interest and governance in order to enhance the LREI experience. 

The School’s Trustees are parents of current students, alumni, past parents, and friends of the school, representing varied skills and perspectives. All trustees share a deep commitment to LREI and its future. 

2023-2024: Board of Trustees

Anh-Van Nguyen, Chair
Susie Scher, Vice-Chair
Louis Sharpe, Treasurer
Eunu Chun, Secretary
Ceci Loebl Van Blerkom, At Large
Jamal Young, At Large

Maren Berthelsen
Ken Cornick’90
Charlene Cruz-Cerdas
Anne Marie Denson
Dawn Eig
Kellie Ferguson
Pinky Fung’02
Kai-Anasa George‘92
Amanda Goodwin
Francis Greenburger
Julia Heaton
Jessie Kirk
Shoy McKen‘04
Ruth Jurgensen
Yukie Ohta
Dave Olsen
Chakshu Patel
Sean Paroff
Kasey Picayo
Hope Reeves
Jonathan Rosen
Robert Rosenthal’80
Halee Sage
Jennifer Sagum
Eve Stuart
Harriette Thomas
Kimbrough Towles
Rodney White
Amy Zimmerman
Little Red School House
and Elisabeth Irwin High School

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