Where ideas can grow, where heresy will be looked upon as possible truth, and where prejudice will dwindle from lack of room to grow. –Elisabeth Irwin

LREI is a community built on understanding and respect for others.

Like New York City, we are diverse in every sense of the word. We are scientists, artists, historians and more. From our Kindergarteners to our twelfth graders, from our math teachers to our cafeteria crew to our Parents Association. We display a wide range of interests, beliefs, family structures and backgrounds. We thrive on the unique ideas and perspectives each person brings to the school.
Our school community is dedicated to social justice and giving back to the wider community. Students in the Second Grade lead the Lower School in our annual food drive for St. John’s Food Pantry. Eighth graders lead workshops within the Middle School based on research and hands-on volunteer work at local nonprofits of their choice, like the Food Bank of New YorkGetting Tools for City Schools and the PEN Center. High schoolers travel to a variety of cities around the country to learn how communities are addressing pressing social and environmental issues. This work then informs their responses in our own school and local communities. At its core, LREI helps students discover their passions in the hope that their voices will make differences in the lives of others. Our graduates are leaders on their university campuses because they have learned to be active citizens in their school, city and global communities.
Little Red School House
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