Like our student body, our parent population is diverse. LREI parents and guardians have one important thing in common: A dedication to our community and our mission. We are fortunate to have a strong partnership between LREI families and the school. It’s a partnership that not only strengthens our programs, resources and initiatives, but also sets a positive example for the people who matter most: Our students.

Welcome to all families, whether prospective, current or alumni.

Welcome to the PA Portal on LREI Connect!
At LREI, every parent and guardian is a member of the Parents Association (PA), and contributes something unique to make our community vital and rewarding for all.

There are many ways for families to participate in PA events and activities. We hope that you will find a means to engage the way you want. We've created the Parents Association Portal to serve as a hub of PA related information that will be available throughout the school year.  While it does not replace your communications with your parent rep, we intend for the PA Portal to serve as a valuable resource for those who can not attend regular meetings and/or to have access to information about what's happening within our community. We also hope it allows everyone to engage the they way they want to. On the PA Portal, you will find:

  • Summarized calendar of weekly PA-specific meetings and events
  • Information and updates about our committees and affinity groups
  • Parent Rep Division monthly meeting notes
  • Links to resources such as LREI Exchange, our parents message-board
If you are interested in joining some of the committees or affinity groups below, please fill email or email the co-chairs directly for more information on how you can participate.

We look forward to an awesome school year!

Shira Cornfeld and Kellie Ferguson
Your PA Co-Presidents, 2022-23
PA Executive Officers

PA Presidents
Shira Cornfeld
Kellie Ferguson
High School Vice-Presidents
Daniele Dolin
Wanda Garcia

Middle School Vice-Presidents
Cyndi Cueto
Anjali Dalal

Lower School Vice-President
Kristen Caesar
Samantha Dinerman Fung


Denise Zaraya

High School Coordinators
Stefanie Kaufman
Carolyn Reeves

Middle School Coordinator
Sophia Lo

Lower School Coordinator
Kristen Charles

Parent Association Committees

List of 12 items.

  • Art Auction (2022-23)

    The next Art Auction will be in 2023

    A two-day event to benefit the LREI Annual Fund, comprised of a silent auction of contemporary fine art donated by the LREI community and artist friends of the school. Art is exhibited at a NYC gallery and event closes with a cocktail reception and final bidding. Volunteers help with organizing, soliciting art work, hanging/dismantling the show and/or providing assistance during the two days of the event. (Alternate years: 2023)

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD
  • Big Shindig (2023-2024)

    Coordinates a community fundraiser (alternates years with the Art Auction) to benefit LREI Annual Giving. The Big Shindig is comprised of a cocktail party with live entertainment and silent auction held at an event space in NYC. Next event 2024.

  • Street Fair

    Reviving a beloved LREI tradition, the Street Fair will be held on May 2023 on Charlton Street. Games, Entertainment, Food, Crafts, and more... 

    For more information contact
  • Community Service

    Creates opportunities for parents and children to participate together in community service. This committee organizes a calendar of family-friendly volunteer activities that engage parents and students from all school divisions. Activities include clothing, food and book drives, park improvements, and the Martin Luther King Day of Service.

    Volunteer Opportunities:creating community partnerships, organizing and participating in drives, MLK, Jr. Day of Service planning

    Click here to learn more about our work.

  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation

    Organizes and coordinates opportunities for families to celebrate the faculty and staff at LREI by bringing in homemade or store-bought goodies. The committee oversees Tuesday Treats (each class is asked to contribute once a year), a welcome-back breakfast in September, and special holiday events. We also decorate the lobby and organize extra celebrations during FSA week in the Spring.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD
  • Fund for LREI

    ... is the school's annual fund, comprising 5% of our annual budget. It is crucial in ensuring we remain accessible, equitable, and mission-driven. The Fund supports financial aid, over 150 field trips each year, faculty professional development, arts, athletics, and technology.

    Click here for more information about the Fund for LREI.

    Co-chairs: Harriette Thomas (LS), Dawn Eig (MS), Allison Weinger (HS)
  • Halloween Fair (2022-23)

    The Halloween Fair will return in 2023!

    Thrills the LREI children with this community event. The Halloween Fair features eerie entertainment, creepy games, frightful arts & crafts, a costume parade and more!

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD
  • Literary

    Enriches the literary life at LREI, organizing, among other events, the annual Book Week, Book Fair, Literary Evening and the Book Swap.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD
  • LREI Camping Trip

    Sponsors and organizes the annual LREI Family Camping Trip held in late spring.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD
  • School Store

    Handles the design, production and sale of school merchandise.  The store opens periodically throughout the school year.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD
  • Sports

    Promotes athletic participation among LREI students and encourages school spirit at LREI games. Organizes the annual Spirit Game, a lively faculty vs. student basketball game.

    Click here for the latest sport schedules.

    Co-chairs: Theo Dotson, Molly Sellner Harris, Eva Hoffman, Sherri Schnall
  • Sustainable LREI

    Finding ways to make LREI a more eco-friendly environment through tangible short and long term initiatives, this committee raises green awareness throughout the school, sponsoring Earth Month events and various community service actions like drives and recycling events.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: TBD

Parent Association Identity Groups

List of 6 items.

  • Adoption Committee

    Provides a monthly forum for members to discuss some of the specific needs
    and issues encountered by parents and children touched by adoption.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: Juliet Burrows, Luis Hernandez
  • Asian-American Families

    Provides a forum for discussion and social interaction for families with roots in Asia and throughout the Pacific Rim, including adoptive and multiracial families.  Some issues for discussion include language instruction, student recruitment and retention, and cultural education.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: Larry Lee, Pinky Fung, and Bejal Shah
  • Azúcar!

    Connects the Latino/a community across all divisions of LREI including students, parents and faculty. In addition to supporting Spanish language proficiency, the members coordinate activities that focus on Latino/a culture and heritage.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: Sofia Hernandez, Primavera Salva
  • Families of Black Students

    A community for parents to advocate and support Black students within the school’s mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This community is a forum for parents to discuss the experiences of their children. An open community to all parents with Black children, this group will support Black children in their pursuit of a fair and inclusive, vibrant, and engaging learning experience.

    Co-chairs: Anne Marie Denson, Jason Bruno, Kristen Charles & Marvin Charles

  • Gender Sexuality Alliance

    Works towards a greater understanding of, and sensitivity to, LGBTQIA+ issues in all areas of school life. Committee members meet and sponsor events, including the Visibility Photography Exhibit, and the annual Pride Parade.

    For more information, click here.

    Chair: Steve McGee
  • White Parents for Anti-Racist Community

    The White Anti-Racist Parents' Affinity Group offers a space for white-identified parents who want to better understand and combat systemic racism. The group supports and encourages conversation around difficult questions of whiteness, privilege and anti-racist community engagement.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-chairs: Maren Berthelsen, Kerry Donahue