LREI Adoption Committee Mission Statement
To celebrate our diversity and serve all LREI adoptive families, and those touched by adoption, by providing a SUPPORT system, furthering the EDUCATION of the school community and encouraging ADVOCACY on behalf of our children.

To provide a safe place for members to discuss the joys, challenges, and issues experienced by adoptive families—and to share first-hand experiences and perspectives that may be useful to others. While all our situations (and children) are unique, the opportunity to tap into this human resource is valuable and creates a stronger community.
To work with the school administration and teachers to develop guidelines for educating the LREI community (students, faculty, parents, friends) about what it means to have been adopted and to be a family touched by adoption. To ensure that teachers, parents, and students understand the power of language in relation to adoption issues, and to affirm the validity and unique nature of these LREI families.
To ensure that the needs of adoptive families are being met by the administration and teachers when issues arise for our children in school or within the LREI community outside of school. To assist in guiding families toward the school resources that can best address these issues.
Little Red School House
and Elisabeth Irwin High School

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