What does socially distanced school look like for our children at LREI?

Faith Hunter
Dear families,
We are three days into the full return to school, and the question I hear most often is, “What does socially distanced school look like for our children at LREI?” I could talk about how the desks are shorter and spaced farther apart, or how our students wash their hands frequently and walk more carefully down the halls, but I thought it would be more effective to show you with photos...
We lean into our learning.
We actively participate.
We solve mental math problems using manipulatives and on paper. 
Our teachers guide us.
We focus and create!
We listen to stories.
We play, jump, and laugh together outdoors twice a day.
We smile behind our masks.
We love school!
As we all know, this is a year like no other. The planning that we engaged in over the summer served us extremely well for LREI@home and for organizing a safe environment for our children to return to campus. In this short week, the experience of simultaneously running a socially distanced in-person program and a remote program has been highly informative. For example, while our teachers had planned to stream their lessons to both their in-person and remote students, we have learned that while workable, the experience does not meet our standards.
We are embracing a growth mindset on a moment-to-moment basis and applying this mindset in a more systematic way. Every day, each team of teachers comes together to reflect on how well our students were served and what steps we can take to refine for the next day. As a result, our schedules are continually changing as we evaluate what works and what doesn’t in consultation with other independent schools around the city. We are excited to welcome you to curriculum night next week so that you can hear more from me and from your teacher about what you can expect for this year.

Thank you!

What a beautiful gesture it was to decorate the building for day one and to have students and families write letters to our faculty. Many of the letters have already been handed out, and those that were put in the mailbox will be distributed to faculty on Friday. I can speak for myself: reading these cards meant a great deal. 

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