Ninth Grade Trip 
Every fall, ninth grade advisors and the class dean take the freshman class, along with their Peer Leaders, to upstate New York for three days and two nights. The class bonds together through outdoor activities, including rope course challenges, evening campfires and a talent show.

Tenth Grade Trip
As part of their American Studies program, all tenth graders take a trip to visit historic sites in Massachusetts and Connecticut. They trace the beginnings of the American Revolution in Concord, learn about transcendentalism at Walden Pond, and take part in textile making in Lowell, the heart of the American Industrial Revolution.
Eleventh Grade Trip
Eleventh graders design their own trips to give voice to social issues impacting their world. After a process of information gathering, real world research and workshops, students come together in small groups of 10 to 12 to plan their trips The topics and locations are broad, from urban revitalization in Detroit to farm workers rights in South Florida.

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