Strategic Plan

Over the 2012-13 school year, LREI's Board of Trustees embarked on a strategic planning process to guide the school towards its centennial in 2021. A steering committee comprised of trustees, administrators, alumni, faculty, and students, led the planning process. In addition, all of the LREI community was engaged through surveys, focus groups, a board retreat and a two-day planning workshop. The results of that vital process live in the Strategic Plan document, posted below.

2022-2023: Board of Trustees

2022-23 Board of Trustees

James Harris, Chair

Anh-Van Nguyen, Vice Chair

Eunu Chun, Secretary

Dave Olsen, Treasurer

Susie Scher, At Large

Jamal Young, At Large

Analisa Cipriano ’05
Ken Cornick '90
Shira Cornfeld
Dawn Eig
Kellie Ferguson
James French
Kai-Anasa George ‘92
Amanda Goodwin
Francis Greenburger
Julia Heaton
Deborah Hodge
Shoy McKen '04
Ruth Jurgensen
Ceci Loebl Van Blerkom
Alejandro Montoya '08
Yukie Ohta
Sean Paroff
Kasey Picayo
Hope Reeves
Robert Rosenthal ’80
Halee Sage
Jennifer Sagum
Louis Sharpe
Eve Stuart
Harriette Thompson
Kimbrough Towles
Rodney White
Amy Zimmerman

LREI's Strategic Plan