Like our student body, our parent population is diverse. Nevertheless, LREI parents and guardians have one important thing in common: A dedication to our community and our mission. We are fortunate to have a strong partnership between LREI families and the school. It’s a partnership that not only strengthens our programs, resources and initiatives, but also sets a positive example for the people who matter most: Our students.

Welcome to all families, whether prospective, current or alumni.

Welcome to the PA Portal on LREI Connect!
At LREI, every parent and guardian is a member of the Parents Association (PA), and contributes something unique to make our community vital and rewarding for all.

There are many ways for families to participate in PA events and activities. We hope that you will find a means to engage the way you want. We've created the Parents Association Portal to serve as a hub of PA related information that will be available throughout the school year.  While it does not replace your communications with your parent rep, we intend for the PA Portal to serve as a valuable resource for those who can not attend regular meeting and/or to have access to information about what's happening within our community. We also hope it allows everyone to engage they way they want to. On the PA Portal, you will find:

  • Summarized calendar of weekly PA-specific meetings and events
  • Information and updates about our committees and affinity groups
  • Parent Rep Division monthly meeting notes
  • Links to resources such as LREI Exchange, our parents message-board
If you are interested in joining some of the committees or affinity groups below, please fill out the form here or email the co-chairs directly for more information on how you can participate.

We look forward to an awesome school year!

Maren Berthelsen and Anh-Van Nguyen
Your PA Co-Presidents, 2019-20
PA Executive Officers

PA Presidents
Maren Berthelsen
Anh-Van Nguyen
High School Vice-Presidents
Mya Dunlop
Hilary Meltzer

Middle School Vice-Presidents
Kathleen Gersh
Daniele Dolin

Lower School Vice-President
Jana Friedman

Sasha Best

Deborah Winokur

High School Coordinator
Holly Glass

Middle School Coordinator
Kobi Wu-Pasmore

Lower School Coordinator
Erika Kutreib

Parent Association Committees & Affinity Groups

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