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  • Active Participants in Our Democratic Society

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Excerpts from recent emails received from students:

    Hi Allison and Margaret,
    Hope you all had a relaxing week! We as student government are extremely eager to jump in with some of the projects we want to finish before the end of the school year, and we really want to prioritize the Academy curriculum.

    Hi Margaret and Allison,
    I am writing on behalf of the LREI Cares Club. For a while now we have been discussing the idea of a community service requirement with an alternative approach. We were wondering if you have any availability to meet with us next or the following week to propose our idea. Let us know what you think when you have the chance. Thanks so much!

    Hi Margaret and Allison,
    The yearbook editors had an idea for next year's book that we'd like to do on Field Day this year.

    In the high school we often reference the section of our mission noting our responsibililty to students becoming  “ . . . active participants in our democratic society, with the creativity, integrity, and courage to bring meaningful change to the world.” 
    From the outside, this might sound rather ambitious, but from our position among our students we see these characteristics and abilities developing in them every single day.

    This spring, our students have been Intiating ideas, solving problems, and working to improve our LREI community at record rates! Margaret and I have joked that we are not going to have a job if our students keep tackling all of the challenges. In the past month, we have received emails (like the ones above) about the following:

    • Students participating in a protest for climate change (led by 9th graders)
    • Students intiating “Red is Green” intiatives to grow sustainable practices in the building (11th graders)
    • Students imagining options for public art around the building (10th graders)
    • Students requesting a change to the sanitary products in the bathrooms (10th graders)
    • Students requesting to join conversations about curriculum (11th graders)
    • Students drafting plans for expanding community service opportunities (11th graders)
    • Students planning in advance for a (surprise) photo in next year’s yearbook (9th, 10th, 11th graders)
    • Students asking to reimagine our 9th/10th Academy program (10th and 11th graders)
    • Students ordering and placing additional clocks and boxes of tissues in all classrooms (10th graders)
    • Seniors arranging meetings with underclassmen to ensure that current student-led programs and groups wil continue once they graduate
    The ways our students consciously, creatively, and collaboratively engage in our school gives us great hope for the future. These conversations and learning experiences are not easy and do not always lead to the outcomes students might initially imagine, but the work and thinking that happens in this process leaves an indelible memory on them of how meaningful change happens.

    We are grateful for your students, and all of the ways they 
    are working with us towards a more just, more caring, more beautiful community.
  • Junior Class Trips

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear High School families,
    The high school hallways have been quieter this week with the Juniors away on their trip and Seniors working on their Senior Projects. Those of us at home have been hearing bits and pieces from the 11th graders and their trip leaders from the road. I share below just a smattering of what they have been doing this week. We cannot wait to welcome them back and hear all the details of their transformative experiences.
    Rural Economies & Political Idealogies in Harlan Co, Kentucky: "Tuesday: We met with students in Harlan County High School’s web development class in which students design and maintain websites for businesses and nonprofits across the country, learning tech skills while also earning money for their work. The program is part of a regional effort to leverage schools as engines of economic development. Also part of the visit: Students spent time sharing stories about their disparate experiences growing up in NYC and rural Appalachia."
    Homelessness & Gentrification, Los Angeles: "This photo is from our tour of Ascencia homeless shelter in Glendale, after which we had a round table discussion with Ascencia Americorps volunteers, and representatives from two other partner organizations- YWCA, who works with victims of domestic violence, and Doors of Hope, who focus on homelessness outreach and prevention." 
    Impact of Sea Level Rise, Louisiana Gulf Coast:  "We started in New Orleans to learn about one if the most memorable storms in recent history, to understand what it looks like in that context, and then moved from the city to the regions on the coast that are being inundated. This picture shows students getting a tour of the Superdome where New Orleans residents sheltered after Hurricane Katrina."
    Abortion & Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Austin: "Spent the morning learning about the narrative on the "other side" of the aisle. Texas Alliance for Life showed us the Capitol and talked about some of the bills they are sponsoring. Students found this to be a valuable experience for understanding a different perspective."
    Criminal Justice: Mass Incarceration, New Orleans:  "We learned about how critical the first 72 hours are after an incarcerated person is released from prison. Rising Foundations is a grassroots organization that helps formerly incarcerated men, who have no safety net to fall back on, find their way in a world that has changed significantly since they entered prison. The organization was started by and is run by formerly incarcerated men."


    Immigration & Border Policy, Brownsville: "On Wednesday we cooked 80 meals for families seeking asylum and waiting to cross in Matamoros, Mexico. With our community partner, Team Brownsville, we pulled our food in wagons across the border, served families, played soccer with some of the children, and walked back across to the U.S."
  • Life in the Lower School

    Elena Jaime
    Dear Lower School Families,

    I wish to take a moment to thank you for the time you took to come in and learn about your child’s experiences and the work the children do each day,  during the Spring Family Conferences. Ultimately, the goal of the family conference is to strengthen the support system that each child has in place in order to achieve success as a scholar and as a citizen. Thank you for the openness and thoughtfulness that I know you brought to the conversations with teachers, and the perspective that you added to the conference. I also wish to thank the teachers for their deep dedication to the students, hard work in preparing for these conferences, and their commitment to partnering with you in order support each child.

    I imagine that during the conference, and in the reporting you may receive from your child about their day, you have heard about the investigations, projects and shares that have taken place over the past number of weeks. In big and small ways, the evidence of student learning and engagement is all around. Rather than continue to describe these moments in words, I wanted to capture them through photos. These images represent only a fraction of the many photos that are accessible to you through your Vidigami account which capture life in the lower school. Follow this link to create an account and access the photos.
    Important Announcement
    Please join the Sustainable LREI Committee and other LREI families at the second-annual EARTH MONTH BEACH CLEAN-UP AT CONEY ISLAND on Saturday, April 27th 1:00-3:00pm (Rain date is Sunday, April 28, 1:00pm-3:00pm). This is an event for the entire family.  Clean-up supplies will be provided, just bring sunscreen and snacks! We will be located on the beach behind the New York Aquarium - look for the green tent. Click here for more information. Questions? Email 

    To sign up yourself & family/friends, to attend the beach clean up, please sign up here :

    Important Dates:
    Tuesday, April 30: Third & Fourth Grade Science Night
    Wednesday, April 24-Friday, April 26: MS Art Show
    Wednesday, May 8: Fours Movement Share
    What To Expect Dates:
    May 3: What to Expect in First Grade
    May 10: What to Expect in Second Grade
    May 17: What to Expect in Third Grade
    May 23: What to Expect in Fourth Grade
    End of Year Potluck Dates:
    Monday, May 13: Deborah & Alicia’s Fourth Grade Potluck
    Tuesday, May 14: Dan & Wing Mai’s Fourth Grade Potluck
    Wednesday, May 15: Elaine & Shelby’s Third Grade Potluck
    Monday, May 20: Jessie, Chloe & Helen’s Third Grade Potluck
    Tuesday, May 21: Tasha & Melissa’s Second Grade Potluck
    Wednesday, May 22: Bill & Christine’s Second Grade Potluck 
    Tuesday, May 28: Ariane & Jessica’s First Grade Potluck
    Wednesday, May 29: Sarah & Katy’s First Grade Potluck
    Thursday, May 30: Alisa & Aiyana’s Kindergarten Potluck
    Monday, June 3: Beth & Maria’s Fours Potluck
    Tuesday, June 4: Elizabeth & Sharmin’s Kindergarten Potluck
    Wednesday, June 5: Tammy & Elif’s Fours Potluck

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