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  • Class of 2021

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear families,
    On the surface you may not perceive it, but Junior year is a pivot, a turning point, in the life of our high school students. They are turning toward something beyond what they know . . . 

    Intellectually, they are exploring the complexities of literary, social, scientific, and mathematical principles and concepts in their class discussions.They are asking questions and expanding into ideas in impressive and sophisticated ways. 

    This week they have discussed the construct of mass incarceration, the interstitial spaces of immigrant experiences, and the intersection of conflicting beliefs at the Israeli-Palastinian border. From Neuroscience to Economics to Media Arts they have deepened their understanding and knowledge of phenomena and systems, and interrogated assumptions and previously held ideas. They have overturned old conceptions and unearthed new ones as they think, wrestle through, and construct ideas together.

    When asked how their year is going, our juniors indicate this pivot, this turning toward something beyond what they know, is both exhilarating and challenging. On any given day when we ask our juniors about their school year we get the following answers right in a row: “Exciting! So stressful . . . tiring, busy. Amazing! Challenging . . . up and down.” 

    However, we as a faculty have a very consistent response about their year. The way the Class of 2021 has shown up--ready for the work and challenge of their electives courses, ready for leadership opportunities, and ready for student-driven projects like the Junior Class Trip--has impressed us since day one. This group of juniors is taking on the year with a seriousness and focus that we are so proud of! 

    For parents of juniors, a special note. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to advisors, teachers, or to us if you need anything. Junior year is also both wonderful and challenging for families, and we are here to offer support and encouragment along the way.

    Again, let us say how grateful we are for the Class of 2021, and all of the effort, focus, and thought they are bringing to school each day.
  • Senior Leaders

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    It is not unusual to hear the word “leadership” used in reference to our senior class, the Class of 2020. They are taking their responsibility as the oldest students in the high school so seriously, and accomplishing the work of leading our student body in bold, creative, and thoughtful ways.
    They are leading in the expected, more visible places--on Student Government, as X-Block leaders and Peer Leaders, through their work as Admissions Ambassadors, and on the stage, the courts, and the fields--and also in places that are less seen.
    In between classes, when we see them checking on one another, and on younger students.
    In their classrooms, as they genuinely listen to each other--valuing each others’ ideas and building collective knowledge and understanding.
    And in their willingness to solve problems within the school. In the past month they have led climate change efforts, launched a student-led community service initiative titled “Engage for Change” and advocated for revisions to the Honors Project program to make this process more efficient for students and teachers. 
    They not only speak up and raise issues, but they show up, and they do the work. They make announcements in Morning Meeting about cleaning up the cafeteria, and they also get out the broom and dustpan when they see a mess.
    With courage and care they are leading our student body this year. We are proud of them, and you should be too! So today, if you see one, hug, high five, or handshake a senior for all that they are accomplishing at LREI this year!
  • We love the Class of 2023!

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    We’re having a moment and we want to tell you about it. We’ve completely fallen in love. We’re smitten, captivated by, and enchanted with . . . the classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023! Over the next few weeks we are going to use our page as a window for you into our high school world, and into all the ways your children are impressing us every single day. We have an incredible student body, led so capably by our Senior Class, the class of 2020. There is so much to tell you!

    Today we are going to start with our newest group . . . there is so much to say about the way our freshmen, the class of 2023, have shown up ready for school, ready for friendship, and ready for challenge.
    They began their year at Camp Ramapo, where they scaled walls, scurried through ropes course challenges, and trusted the seniors to belay them on the (very high) Sunshine Tower. From the minute they arrived they were eager to participate and join in.

    During our time at Ramapo we talked about the concept of a “Community of Care” and asked our 9th graders to consider what a Community of Care actually looks like. Their genuine, thoughtful responses were so impressive that we wanted to share some of them with you here:

    And upon their return to school they immediately engaged as serious students and community members. It has been so wonderful to sit in their classes over the past few days and hear their ideas and questions. It is clear that they are committed and focused on the work of transitioning to high school, and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

    As we said before, there is SO MUCH to share about all of our classes--and no way to do this in one page! So, stay tuned for all that we have to say about the classes of 2022, 2021, and 2020!

    Wishing you a wonderful September weekend.

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