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  • Children's Love Filling LREI Hallways

    Faith Hunter
    Dear Families,

    I imagine it’s been a hard week seeing your children go back to remote learning. As I watched your children head away from school after Tuesday’s dismissal, I found myself grappling with a wide range of emotions. I was saddened knowing I would not see your children in person every single day. I was frustrated knowing that sending young children home for remote learning is never easy on a household, especially one with working parents. And I was also incredibly grateful that, despite the challenges, our students and faculty have already come so far in a year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    One practice that has helped me contextualize the year, including this past week, is thinking about how many profound lessons and skills our students will have learned. Flexibility and adaptability, perseverance and stamina, comfort with sharing different opinions and expressing gratitude, a remarkable level of independence and inner confidence — these are the skills I see our students developing, and at a faster rate than they would have during non-pandemic times. I know that these silver linings do not outweigh the great personal loss and sacrifice we all have had to make in the short run, but they offer me hope in knowing that our students will come out of this pandemic stronger and more mature than ever.

    Like I’ve said throughout this year, I am deeply thankful for your optimism and your support as we continue to navigate this school year. As always, I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out. I hope to see many of you at our upcoming community events.
    This week’s Push Page will cover the following:
    • Thank You to the FSA
    • Culminating Assembly for Black History Month
    • Principal Open Forum 2 Part Technology Workshop
    • Upcoming Artist of the Month Lower School Gathering Series

    Thank You to the FSA! Your children’s hearts hang on our walls, and their words lift up our faculty’s spirits every time they pass by. Thank you for the thought and care that went into supporting our dear teachers. 
    Culminating Assembly for Black History Month: We are excited for the children to share some of the work they have engaged in during Black History Month at our Lower School Gathering on Friday. I’d like to invite you to join our gathering so you can extend this important learning at home. Please keep your camera off so as not to distract the children. 

    Feb 26, 2021 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
    Meeting ID: 489 877 4770
    Passcode: lreistrong

    Principal Open Forum, 2 Part Technology Workshop:
    Part I:
    Tech Habits of Mind: Building a Thoughtful and Healthy Relationship with Technology
    Tuesday, March 9th, 9:30am
    Password: lreistrong

    • Are we using technology to be our best selves?

    • How do we use technology in meaningful ways?

    • How do we measure and assess screen time?

    • Is balance possible? 

    In this session guest speaker, Kim Deveaux, will share information about how to develop healthy habits when using technology at home. Parents will leave with useful items to facilitate conversations with their children, such as tech habits of mind and a home technology contract. 

    Kim Deveaux has served nationally in schools as an educator, professional developer, and educational technologist. Currently, she is the Ethics and Technology Coordinator at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School where she is a member of the Innovation, Integration, Collaboration Committee team, and STEAM team.  She also runs Family Tech Tutor -a program that works with families on how to set up procedures, routines and create safe and responsible expectations for how technology is used at home. 
    Part II:
    Bring Your Own Device: Hands-on Workshops about Managing Technology Use at Home 
    Tuesday, March 16th, 7:00pm
    Password: lreistrong

    At LREI we take great care to shape our student’s experience with technology to ensure that they become safe and thoughtful participants of the digital world. Please join the LREI tech Team and guest presenter Kim Deveaux for a hands-on workshop on how you can set up a safe and thoughtful online environment at home. At this workshop, we will divide into groups and walk you through how to create routines and expectations around tech use at home and help you set up parental controls and mindful usage apps on a variety of Apple devices and Chromebooks. To get the most out of this workshop, please bring with you the device your child uses. You will also have an opportunity to share best practices and strategies within the parent community. 

    Artist of the Month Lower School Gathering: In March, we are launching a series of Lower School art assemblies called “Artist of the Month.” At each gathering, we will learn about a new artist and experiment together in that artist’s style. In this unique year, we are constantly thinking about ways to infuse a sense of community and the arts into our students' experience. You are invited to join this gathering so you can extend the conversation at home: Friday, March 5, 10:30am. Please keep your camera off so as not to distract the children. 

    Mar 5, 2021 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
    Meeting ID: 489 877 4770
    Passcode: lreistrong
    Warm Regards, 
    Faith Hunter
  • Spirit Week!

    Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    It’s S-P-I-R-I-T WEEK! It is unequivocally the most favorite week in the high school! Each February our Student Government plans a week of silliness and fun for students and faculty. It is such a special part of our high school experience! 
    This year, our Student Government team has done an exceptional job in imagining a hybrid Spirit Week that fosters fun and belonging across our physical and Zoom school spaces. So first, a shout out to this amazing team, led by Student Government sponsor Ann Carroll:
    President & Director of Community: Ajahni ‘21
    Director of Communications: Dylan ‘21
    Director of Programming: Gwen ‘21
    Director of Social Justice: Marcus ‘21
    Junior Executive: Margaret ‘22
    2021 Reps: Cole & Pearl
    2022 Reps: Emma & Bella
    2023 Reps: Leah & Ciara
    2024 Reps: Kate & Zoë
    They have put so much creativity into this week, and have used all of their motivational and organizational skills to get their grades involved and invested. Well done Student Government!
    So, how have we spent the week? We have had grade level competitions with costumes each day . . . from Era days to Twin matchups to a blast of red on the Zoom screen for LREI spirit at our Wednesday all school meeting. Each moment is a reminder that we are one high school community, linked across the spaces!

    Students (and Faculty) have also participated in grade-level competitions--Geography bees, Jeopardy rounds, and of course, our annual, EPIC lip sync competition! This is a renowned assembly for the high school, and this year did not disappoint! 
    Our students are so incredibly talented! This year, each grade put together a lip sync video, which allowed for our performers and film producers to shine in a whole new way. We can’t possibly capture the talent and hilarity of this assembly for you in this short note, but it was a highlight of the week, and truly fostered community in the high school like no other event can! Ask your kids to share the videos with you! 

    Throughout this week--both in Zoom spaces and in the building--students and teachers have found a greater sense of community and connection. These moments matter in the life of the high school, and we are so thankful for all the effort and participation to make it happen!
  • A Few Thoughts & Notes

    Margaret Paul
    Dear families,
    A patchwork of thoughts and notes today . . . please read through!
    We are deep into February . . . it’s cold, and snowy, and just plain hard to get out of bed! As high school teachers we always joke that the reason we love high school students is that we are basically high school kids {at heart} ourselves! WE GET IT--the equation of freezing temperatures and ongoing Covid restrictions = tough times for teenagers!

    So, if you’re feeling the struggle of parenting your teenager right now, or just want to listen in and get some additional advice for how to support them, please join us tonight for a conversation about anxiety and other emotional challenges our teenagers are facing. Dr. Dana Dorfman is a seasoned expert who understands teenagers, and she will guide our conversation.
    TONIGHT: Allison’s Zoom room: 

    Also, you are welcome to submit questions to Dr. Dorfman in advance. Please email with the subject line "LREI Question." These questions will be addressed anonymously.


    Are you already thinking about the summer and wondering what options there will be for your student? Remember to check the “High School Student Opportunities” section on the High School News page in Connect! We are just beginning to receive information from summer programs, and will post everything we receive in this digital space:

    Teachers shared interim comments and updated SBGBook comments yesterday. Please encourage your students to review these, as well as in-text comments made to papers in Google Classroom. If your student is unclear about the feedback provided, please encourage them to set up a time to meet with their teachers during office hours. We recognize that being remote for much of the week makes it more difficult to catch up with teachers, but we assure you that they are here and ready to meet with your students. If your student needs help navigating this process, they should check in with their advisors for support. In addition, Jess, Jonathan, and Jerry are available in the Learning Center for academic support. They have open hours every day, and they are also making appointments for students who email them directly. 

    Coming up . . . SPIRIT WEEK! We can’t wait to share with you the wild and crazy fun that happens in the High School during Spirit Week, February 22-26! Costumes, contests, LIP SYNC BATTLES and more! Though we won’t all be in the building, we will all have a bit more fun that week, and we plan to share photos and videos with families, so stay tuned. In advance, we thank our amazing Student Government for all the work they are putting into this hybrid Spirit Week experience!
    Allison & Isabella '21 during last year's Spirit Week!

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