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  • Thank You!

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    We want to take this moment, in our final page of the year, for some thank yous.

    First, we want to thank our incredible faculty for the commitment and care they have for our students; our faculty is the heart of the high school, and we are so grateful for each of them!
    And we want to thank our wonderful parent community too--your support of our faculty helps carry us through the year. Specifically, we are grateful for the work of the 2018-2019 PA Reps, who have provided throrough weekly communication, and have raised questions and concerns on behalf of families. The success of our high school students is reliant on strong partnerships with parents and caregivers, and we are grateful to work with all of you on their behalf.

    We congratulate our high school students on {almost} completing their academic year. Students will complete final projects and exams on Monday, June 10th. On Tuesday, June 11th all 9th-11th graders come to school at 8:30 am and are dismissed by 1 pm. We will gather for an end-of-year assembly, meet in advisories, clean out lockers, and receive and sign yearbooks! It is a festive, fun day together.
    On Wednesday, June 12th, all 9th-11th grade students should arrive by 8:15 am, ready and dressed for graduation. En masse, led by our deans, we will walk together over to NYU where the Commencement Ceremony begins at 9:30 am. This is our last moment together for the 2018-2019 school year, and students are dismissed directly from NYU once our Class of 2019 tosses their caps!
    Which leads us to our final note. It with full hearts and teary eyes that we will send out our graduating class on June 12th. As advisors to this grade, we know them well and will miss them tremendously. That said, we are so proud of who they are what they have accomplished during their time at LREI.

     Congratulations to the Class of 2019!
    And to all of you, we wish you a wonderful summer with your families. We hope you enjoy both rest and adventures, and we look forward to welcoming you back to LREI in the fall!
  • Celebration of the Arts!

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    The end of May is brimming with sounds and sights in the high school! Over the past week we have celebrated the work of the performing arts department through the Spring Festival of Plays last Saturday, the Spring Vocal Music concert on Tuesday, and the Spring Instrumental Music concert this evening.
    Brava to all of our high school students who have shared their talents through each of these events, and to our accomplished performing arts faculty for their work and leadership.
    And just around the corner is an exciting new event at which we hope you will join us! On Thursday, May 30th, The Visual Arts Showcase will open just before the annual Lit Mag Coffee House. Join us at 5:30 to walk through the gallery spaces of student art, followed by student films, and ending with the reveal of the 2018-2019 Lit Magazine and Coffee House performances. It is going to be a beautiful, celebratory evening of student work, and we hope you will join us. We are grateful to our faculty who have supported students in writing and creating content for the Lit Mag and for the Showcase, and planning and leading our Coffee House events across the year.
  • Active Participants in Our Democratic Society

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Excerpts from recent emails received from students:

    Hi Allison and Margaret,
    Hope you all had a relaxing week! We as student government are extremely eager to jump in with some of the projects we want to finish before the end of the school year, and we really want to prioritize the Academy curriculum.

    Hi Margaret and Allison,
    I am writing on behalf of the LREI Cares Club. For a while now we have been discussing the idea of a community service requirement with an alternative approach. We were wondering if you have any availability to meet with us next or the following week to propose our idea. Let us know what you think when you have the chance. Thanks so much!

    Hi Margaret and Allison,
    The yearbook editors had an idea for next year's book that we'd like to do on Field Day this year.

    In the high school we often reference the section of our mission noting our responsibililty to students becoming  “ . . . active participants in our democratic society, with the creativity, integrity, and courage to bring meaningful change to the world.” 
    From the outside, this might sound rather ambitious, but from our position among our students we see these characteristics and abilities developing in them every single day.

    This spring, our students have been Intiating ideas, solving problems, and working to improve our LREI community at record rates! Margaret and I have joked that we are not going to have a job if our students keep tackling all of the challenges. In the past month, we have received emails (like the ones above) about the following:

    • Students participating in a protest for climate change (led by 9th graders)
    • Students intiating “Red is Green” intiatives to grow sustainable practices in the building (11th graders)
    • Students imagining options for public art around the building (10th graders)
    • Students requesting a change to the sanitary products in the bathrooms (10th graders)
    • Students requesting to join conversations about curriculum (11th graders)
    • Students drafting plans for expanding community service opportunities (11th graders)
    • Students planning in advance for a (surprise) photo in next year’s yearbook (9th, 10th, 11th graders)
    • Students asking to reimagine our 9th/10th Academy program (10th and 11th graders)
    • Students ordering and placing additional clocks and boxes of tissues in all classrooms (10th graders)
    • Seniors arranging meetings with underclassmen to ensure that current student-led programs and groups wil continue once they graduate
    The ways our students consciously, creatively, and collaboratively engage in our school gives us great hope for the future. These conversations and learning experiences are not easy and do not always lead to the outcomes students might initially imagine, but the work and thinking that happens in this process leaves an indelible memory on them of how meaningful change happens.

    We are grateful for your students, and all of the ways they 
    are working with us towards a more just, more caring, more beautiful community.

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