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  • Summer Health & Wellbeing

    Margaret Paul
    Congratulations on the successful completion of the school year! 
    Please read the message below from our wellness team:
    Since we will be apart, we wanted to share few strategies to keep mental health a top priority over the summer break.
    Start with the basics and get outside often! Exposure to the natural sun increases vitamin D and serotonin levels, which can help boost our mood. Choose an activity that allows you to spend at least thirty minutes outdoors. Whether you are gardening, paddle boarding, or bike riding, spending time outside is an essential element of self-care. Just because school is out for summer and your children can stay up late and sleep in does not mean they should. No matter the time of year, obtaining eight to ten uninterrupted hours of sleep is essential for our mental health. Finally, keep your children busy! Get them involved in an internship, a job, a summer class, or a volunteer position. In addition to providing a sense of structure, this work can help them apply knowledge learned in the classroom, meet peers with similar interests, and gain valuable experience and networking contacts. 
    While your child's schedule might look vastly different in the summer than during the school year, please do not discontinue care with your child's mental health provider unless the provider deems the summer a healthy time for a short break. Consistency is essential, and having a session once or twice a month is better than an absence of care. Please be mindful that if you discontinue working with your child's provider now, you may not be able to reestablish care during the summer if a crisis should arise or in the fall if there are no open spots. Since the High School Wellness Team will be on vacation, please keep your child's providers (therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists) updated on their needs. At the end of the summer, a mental health and wellness form will be sent via Magnus to update our team on new medications, changes in providers, hospitalizations, etc. 
    If there is a medical or psychological emergency over the summer, please call 911 immediately. For less urgent matters, collaborate with your child's providers. If your child does not have a provider, but you are interested in connecting with a counselor, or you need resources, please get in touch with one of the following: 
    NYC Well is a resource that connects you to free, confidential mental health support. The platform allows you to speak to a counselor via phone, text, or chat and access mental health and substance use services in more than 200 languages, 24/7/365. You can text WELL to 65173, call at 1-888-692-9355, or visit the website at
    The Trevor Project specializes in supporting young LGBTQIA+ youth and has The Trevor Lifeline, a 24/7 confidential and secure support service that connects you to a counselor. You can text START to 678-678, call at 1-866-488-7386, or visit the website at
    Finally, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress and prevention and crisis resources. You can call 1-800-273-8255 or visit the website at
    Please reach out to us if you have questions or need support. 
    With care,
    The Wellness Team
  • Spring Round Up

    Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    Time is flying in the high school–we can’t believe we have one week until Field Day! A reminder to families that next Friday, May 27th is a day of school, and a wonderful tradition for the whole LREI community! We will spend time with our lower school buddies and celebrate the Class of 2022.
    And as we plan the end-of-high-school celebrations for the graduating class of 2022, we are also in the process of welcoming the class of 2026–a robust and energetic group that is our largest class ever, with students joining from schools across New York City. Our 2022-2023 Peer Leaders enthusiastically welcomed them to LREI yesterday for the traditional ice cream social; it was so wonderful to have them in the building.
    Academic Updates
    Next week we will release the 2022-2023 Course Guide for rising juniors and seniors. This year, we are thrilled to offer this guide in a new, digital format that we hope will help students and families more clearly assess which courses students want to take next year. We will share this with students on Tuesday in an assembly, and then out to families later in the day. We ask that all rising junior/senior families review this with their students in the next 2 weeks, when course sign-up forms will be due.
    A snapshot from the new dynamic course guide

    End of year grades and comments are typically released a week after the end of school. We often get questions about transcripts at that time. If, after you review grades and comments, you notice discrepancies on your student’s transcript, you can email Jenny Escorcia at Please note–it takes longer to certify Honors Projects, so these may not immediately appear on the transcript in June.

    Year-End Events . . . please join us!

    • Spring Festival of Plays, this Saturday, May 21st at 2 and 6 pm; tickets can be purchased in the HS lobby tomorrow, or by emailing Joan Jubett:
    • Spring Concert, Thursday, May 26th, 6 pm, HS PAC
    • Sports Awards, Tuesday, May 31st at 5:15-6:30 pm, HS PAC. Light refreshments will be served in the courtyard.
    • Lit Magazine-Arts Showcase-Coffee House, Wednesday, June 1st @ 6 pm; HS PAC; There will be art displayed throughout the school, and amazing slate of performers, and a mid-show reveal of the 2021-2022 EI Lit Mag. Light refreshments will be served in the courtyard.
    • Senior Project evening, Tuesday, June 7th, 6:30 pm. Light refreshments will be served in the courtyard.
    And finally, in the coming weeks we will share additional year-end information by grade, including information on mental health resources for students and families over the summer. In advance of this, if you would like to talk with someone on our Wellness Team about concerns or support you feel your student needs, please reach out to Ty Beauchamp,

  • Teacher Appreciation

    Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    Today we share some of the work in the high school this week from the perspective of our greatest super power . . . our teachers. 

    Besides being the brains of this operation, they are simultaneously the heart and soul . . . they show up everyday to support your students’ cognitive and social-emotional growth, knowing how inextricably linked these are.
    What does it mean to be a high school teacher at LREI in 2022? In some ways, the work we do has been profoundly changed through the pandemic, yet we continue to be guided by the core pedagogical principles we have worked from since the first day we walked into our classrooms.
    As progressive teachers, we facilitate learning through experience and inquiry. We posit questions that lead students to think critically towards solutions–whether these be mathematical, theoretical, or practical. We spend our days building skills and abilities that help students think critically about the world around them. In 2022, this is complicated work.
    This week alone, teachers have engaged in discussions regarding constitutional rights, protections, and processes in relation to womens’ bodies and choices. They have helped students consider the complexities of human rights, economics, and politics as they intersect in the ongoing Ukranian invasion. They have analyzed data regarding the impact of methane gases on our climate, and considered the implications of redistricting in relation to voting rights.

    They have also supported 23 students in drafting and rehearsing campaign speeches for Student Government elections, rehearsed with students for the upcoming Spring Festival of Plays and end-of-year coffee house. They have made art and music and story together. They have celebrated risk-taking, persistence, and extra practice. And they have soothed stresses, encouraged students to turn in missing work, and reassured those who are anxious that they are moving shoulder to shoulder through this journey with them.

    Teaching is hard work, and teaching in 2022 sometimes feels overwhelming. However, the reason we show up, day after day, is the hope our students bring to LREI each day. 

    We show up for their ideas, their vision, their audacity. 
    We show up for their confidence and courage. 
    We show up for their boldness and swagger. 
    And we show up for their heart.


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