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  • Happy Holidays!

    Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    A huge congratulations to our students for completing their first trimester of work! We wrapped up final assessments this afternoon and nearly all the students have left for the day as we write this. We look forward to a fun and festive half day tomorrow with more time with our buddies and then our annual all-school Winter Assembly. 
    We wish you and yours a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing your children after a well-earned break! 
  • A Walk in the Lobby

    Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    Have you been wondering what’s happening in the high school right now? Haven’t had the chance to stop by? Read below for a virtual walk through the lobby!

    The days before Thanksgiving were filled with simple moments of community and gratitude as students made time to write thank you notes to friends and teachers. On the day before Thanksgiving we were led by our Student Government in a recitation of Maya Angelou’s poem, On the Pulse of Morning, a sing-a-long of Lean on Me, followed by the annual activity of writing things we’re grateful for, and then attaching them to cardboard trees in the lobby. 

    For the past few weeks the lobby has been abuzz during lunch as members of our Student Government staffed a table where students made cash donations for hats, gloves and socks to be given to several community organizations the high school partners with. Our wall is a beautiful representation of the impact that is possible when we collectively work together.

    And finally, the section of work created by our 9th graders. Over the past 2 weeks our 9th graders have spent time getting to know all of the adults in our building, and taking some time to listen to their stories . . . about their lives, how they came to LREI, and what they love to do when they are not at school. This flash story project, represented on our wall with polaroid selfies and story quotes, is a reflection of the “Community of Care” ethic we have been working on with our 9th grade, and across the school through the Commons Project. Our 9th graders have now moved on to designing Community Action Projects that they will conduct in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned to hear how these are completed!
    In all, this walk through our lobby today reveals the important, community-based work our students are engaging in. When you have the chance, stop by in person!
  • An Opportunity for Learning & Growth: The Crucible

    Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
    Dear Families,
    This past weekend the LREI community was enthralled by the performance of our high school students in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. And though the work of these 40 cast and crew members left audience members breathless and moved, it is the work--the teaching and learning--that occurred in the production of this show that is worthy of an additional curtain call.
    Joan Jubett establishes the theater as a classroom, decentering her role and in turn centering student work, student voice, and student learning. Below is an excerpt from Joan regarding how she views the process of producing a play at LREI:

    “We’ve talked much about how working towards a performance is an experiential learning process. As a teacher/director, I have much to learn about how to refine these experiences for students though I do know there is so much in the doing alone. 
    What I’ve definitely learned this year is that patience with the self and with others is key. I’m still working on that. I’m worried less about being a perfectionist too. One example: When I hear a student say “sorry” for something they do not need to apologize for, I really try to highlight that the rehearsal process is where we are striving for understanding, clarity, intention, empathy. 
    “Sorry” really doesn’t have a place in the rehearsal process, except maybe to learn that it is an outdated mode of expression for a “mistake” which actually is a key to greater understanding and clarity. And learning.”
    In addition to the work that unfolded inside the theater, a senior and an alum produce a written piece, analyzing this play across time and political dimension, further extending and deepening the learning. We share this written piece with you here: A Note from our Dramaturgs
    We as a community are so proud of this production, and of the learning and growing that happens in our performing arts program. We look forward to many more opportunities to see the work of our students and faculty this year!

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