Lunch Menu

The Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin Dining Services:

All dressings, stocks and sauces are made fresh from scratch in the LREI kitchen.

Local resources include:

Ronnybrook milk
Knoll Krest Farm eggs
Satur Farms produce
Breezy Hill Orchard cider and fruit
Stonyfield yogurt
Sun Butter served daily.

List of 6 items.

  • Week of January 14th, 2019

  • Monday

    Soup:                        Broccoli - vegan and gluten free
    Entree:                    Penne Pasta - vegan (Marinara Sauce or No-nut Pesto both are vegan & gluten free)
    Special Entree:     Spinach Lasagna Rolls
    Accompaniment:  Cauliflower and Carrots - vegan and gluten free
    Accompaniment: Seasonal Vegetable Offering - vegan and gluten free
  • Tuesday

    Soup:                        Wild Mushroom - vegan and gluten free
    Entree:                     Seared Chicken Breast and Winter Squash Hash - gluten free
    Special Entree:      Winter Green and White Bean Gratin - gluten free
    Accompaniment:  Smashed Red Potatoes - vegan and gluten free
    Accompaniment:  Roasted Beets and Rutabago - vegan and gluten free

  • Wednesday

    Soup:                        Winter Pistou - vegan and gluten free
    Entree:                     Sloppy Joes
    Special Entree:       Lentils with Root Vegetables - vegan and gluten free
    Accompaniment:  Wax Beans and Carrots - vegan and gluten free
    Accompaniment:  Seasonal Vegetable Offering - vegan and gluten free

  • Thursday

    Soup:                        Spiced Carrot - vegan and gluten free
    Entree:                     Lemon-Ginger Szechuan Chicken - gluten free
    Special Entree:     Sweet Chili Tofu - vegan and gluten free
    Accompaniment:  Vegetable Fried Rice - vegan and gluten free
    Accompaniment: Steamed Vegetables with Ginger and Garlic - vegan and gluten free
  • Friday

    Soup:                        Steel Cut Oats
    Entree:                     Blueberry Pancakes
    Special Entree:     Scrambled Sauder Farm Eggs - gluten free
    Accompaniment:  Crispy Turkey Bacon - gluten free
    Accompaniment: Potato Homefries - vegan and gluten free