Our Big Auction Committee coordinates the Big Auction, a community fundraiser that occurs every two years to benefit LREI Annual Giving.

The Big Auction is comprised of a live and silent auction held at an event space in NYC. Volunteers help organize, solicit items for and generate enthusiasm surrounding the event. (Alternating years with the Art Auction).

To visit the official Big Auction photo gallery, please click HERE

Kim Hill, Ceci Van Blerkom, Lauran Walk

Aaron Gilbert, Alison Grover, Allison Jacobs, Andrea Taetle, Asa Johnson, Benedicte Nemorin, Carmen Lenzi, Chatisha Hosten, Claudia Vieira, Cushla Kelly, Cyndi Firth, Daniele Dolin, Denise Adler, Donna Ross, Emma Fine, Halee Sage, Haley Binn, Hilla Narov, Jeane Lopez-Muniz, Jennifer Sagum, Jessica Saslow, Jill Schuck Taylor, Julia Kelly, Karen Shawger, Kat McCord, Keisha Wagner-Gaymon, Kerri Fersel, Kerry Donahue, Kobi Wu-Pasmore, Lanie Mastrodimos, Lara Olivieri, Lisha Bai, Lizz Smith, Lunie Small, Marjorie Goldner, Micaela Birmingham, Michelle Lehmann, Michelle Silver, Molly Harris, Payal Nevatia-Garland, Peter Putka, Ramel Small, Rob Chodock, Rose Cameron, Sandy Brigode, Sarah Merians, Sherry Tenorio, Tim Merjos '80