The Global Stage: The Oure School Visits LREI

On Monday, March 5th, thirty-five excited drama students from Oure Sport and Performing Arts School in Denmark visited LREI's high school campus at 40 Charlton Street.
Following an hour of cultural introductions, the group assimilated into the 11th/12th grade Advanced Acting elective. From Copenhagen to Chelsea, one enthusiastic group of talented young actors took the stage of the PAC.

The collaboration began with a series of performances from Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. "This project actually began last year as an idea which took months of planning to come to fruition," high school drama teacher Meghan Astrachan explained. "It's very special to see this idea burst into bloom! Seeing our students bravely take the stage to workshop acting scenes with their new friends was incredibly meaningful." Along with Danish Drama teacher Rune Daugaard, Meghan was pleased to see both groups of students connect so easily. 
LREI HS student Jagger W. '19 agreed with Meghan's sentiment. "Within just a few hours, I learned so much about their culture," he remarked. "When we took the stage together, we were all on the same level because acting is a universal language. I feel fortunate to have be a part of this class and to have met these students."