Lower School Teacher

Overview of Position
LREI seeks a full time Elementary Teacher. Lower School teachers at LREI are practitioners of progressive education within the context of a social studies based program and a mission driven school. The Elementary program at LREI is based on building community, learning through play, and growing motivated, self-directed learners. Students are encouraged to ask meaningful questions, take courageous steps towards their own learning, and engage in activities that help them make sense of their world. The day is comprised of social studies, literacy, and math blocks, outdoor play, and specials such as science, Spanish, movement and music. Physical, social-emotional, and academic development are embedded by teachers in art, block building, and social studies projects. The head teacher is responsible for their students and curriculum; supervising an associate teacher; working in tandem with the other classrooms; and collaborating with specialists. Teachers come together on a regular basis to plan and work together, discuss students, and hone curriculum.
Qualifications Sought
We seek a talented teacher who can inspire students, be inspired by our mission, and create a nurturing classroom with high educational expectations. Cultural competence, the ability to work collaboratively, excellent communication skills, and a willingness to work closely with families are essential. Candidate’s pedagogy should be student-centered and practiced in differentiated instruction. A Master’s degree in teaching and at least three years of successful experience as a lead teacher are preferred. Successful LREI teachers are lifelong learners who are reflective about their practice and avail themselves of professional development and leadership opportunities.   
Overview of School
Founded in 1921 by Elisabeth Irwin (a contemporary and colleague of John Dewey, Caroline Pratt, and Lucy Sprague Mitchell), The Little Red School House, has been at the vanguard of pedagogical innovation since its founding.  LREI’s goal is to educate students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners and to pursue academic excellence and individual achievement, in a context of respect for others and service to the community. We believe that learning should be active and experiential, with the school providing abundant opportunities for students to excel. We accept students with a range of abilities and talents who can take full advantage of a rich and demanding academic program in which each student is both challenged and supported.  We seek to create within the school a community built on understanding and respecting others. Thus, our student body traditionally reflects the racial and cultural diversity of our city, and our curriculum is built on inter-disciplinary studies to promote understanding of many cultures. While individual achievement is encouraged and rewarded, our program underscores the value of shared goals, friendship and cooperation in mastering difficult tasks.  The progressive ideals that in 1921 gave life and inspiration to the school — academic excellence and creativity, active learning and innovative teaching, respect for the individual and responsibility to the community-continue to guide the school today.  LREI is located in vibrant Greenwich Village and classes venture forth often to use the neighborhood and the city to provide rich learning experiences.  

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and 3 references to Elena Jaime, Lower School Principal via email at jobs@lrei.org

IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL, PLEASE WRITE: LOWER SCHOOL TEACHER. Please include your name in the title of all documents.  No phone calls please.