As you may know, for some time the NYC Parks Department has been planning to renovate Little Red Square (the area in front of LREI’s Sixth Avenue entrance).  After much planning and postponing, the construction on the square began on Monday, March 11th.  The construction will last for 12-months, give or take. 

Most of the Square will be fenced off throughout the construction in order to keep the students and general public safe and to control the dust as much as is possible.  There will be three phases of construction and the fence will be moved, to some degree, for each phase. During Phase One there will be an eight-foot corridor between the 272 Sixth Avenue door and the construction site. This corridor will allow for us to have our normal arrival procedure and to have people come and go throughout the day, though in tighter quarters. Phase One will last until the early fall.
The next 12 months will require some flexibility on everyone’s part.  If our arrival and dismissal plans need to change, we will be in touch.  The Parks Department has been tremendously thoughtful about the needs of the school and they assure me that we will be able to use the Sixth Avenue entrance for day-to-day business and for emergency egress throughout the construction.
Most importantly, at the end of this process we will have a beautiful new park at our doorstep.  You can see what it will look like in the diagram below.  Very exciting.

Little Red Square Live Web Cam

Timelapse of Construction