Applications for admission to Ninth Grade at LREI are now closed. For inquiries about post-deadline applications for Tenth Grade, please email

The major entry point for high school admission is Ninth Grade. Families should begin the admissions process one year before the student wishes to enter. We encourage all interested families to attend a morning tour or an evening open house 
and to submit applications as early as possible to facilitate scheduling parent/student interviews. Please note that interview space is limited.

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  • Application

    For inquiries about post-deadline applications to LREI, please email

    To begin the application process for academic year 2022-2023:
    • Complete an online application in Ravenna by the deadline of December 1, 2021 (available after Labor Day). There is a non-refundable application fee of $75. An application fee reduction is available upon request. Please contact the Admissions Office for the fee reduction code.
    • After submission, your application will be processed within two to four business days.
    If you experience any technical difficulties with the online application, please contact
  • Student Essay

    LREI participates in the ISAAGNY common application essay. For students applying to high school there are five essay options, available through the online application. Please choose ONE of the essays and respond in under 500 words.

    The essay provides an opportunity for us to learn about the applicant as well as to assess the development of his/her writing skills. It is expected that applicants write all essays independently, without the assistance of a parent, teacher, tutor, etc. Please submit your essay in Ravenna by the supplemental materials deadline: January 15, 2022.

    If you experience any technical difficulties with the online application, please contact

    ISAAGNY High School Common Writing Topics:
    1. Tell us about a time when you were brave.

    2. What is your favorite work of art (visual, written, musical, etc.)? Why is it meaningful to you?

    3. Tell us about a time when you experienced or observed racism or bias first-hand. How did you react and why? How do you wish you had reacted?

    4. What is a topic/skill that you learned about within the past year that was not assigned to you in school?

    5. Describe one of your favorite family traditions and why it is meaningful to you.
  • Student & Parent Interviews

    Once we have processed your application:
    • The Admissions Office will call you to schedule appointments for your virtual student and parent interviews. These will be conducted via Zoom. (Alternative means of communication for your interviews can be arranged.)
    • All applicants and their parent(s) will have an interview with a member of the Admissions Committee.
    Students are encouraged to share a sample of academic work (e.g. portfolio, essay, musical recording, project) or item of personal significance to discuss with their interviewer.

    Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a Google Calendar invitation via e-mail. Please confirm your attendance by clicking "Yes".
    Should you need to reschedule your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Visit Us

    Spring on-site visits are available for all families interested in LREI's High School. Reservations are required. To schedule a visit, please use the link below. An application is not required to attend.
    We strongly recommend that all interested families attend an on-site visit to learn more about our dynamic program and progressive approach.
    Please note that High School information sessions are for adults and students and proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required. Please see Ravenna for more details on our visit policy. 
    Reservations are available in Ravenna. Please note that you will be required to create a log-in.

    When registering for a on-site visit, please use the "Add Attendee" function within the event registration program to register attending parents/guardians. 
  • Graded Writing Sample

    LREI requires a writing sample for admission to our high school program. The applicant’s writing sample should be an essay that they have completed in the current school year. The writing sample must also include a teacher’s grade, comments or both. Examples typically include a research paper, creative essay, book report or an analytical essay. Please forward the essay via email (including the associated rubric/teacher notes) in PDF format with the applicant’s name in the subject line to by the supplemental materials deadline: January 15, 2022.
  • Official Transcript & Teacher Recommendations

    An official school transcript is required for all High School applicants.
    • Please submit the Transcript Request Form, available in Ravenna, to the applicant's current school after November 15, 2021.
    • Official transcripts must be sent from the applicant’s current school directly to LREI by January 15, 2022.
    Candidate Evaluation Forms:
    • In Ravenna, please delegate the Candidate Evaluation forms to the applicant's current teachers/school after November 15, 2021.
    • Candidate Evaluation Forms are confidential and must be sent directly from the applicant’s current teacher(s) to LREI by January 15, 2022.
    The Transcript Request Form and Candidate Evaluation Forms are included in the online application.

    If you experience any technical difficulties with the online application, please contact
  • Testing (Optional)

    LREI will not require an admissions test (ISEE or SSAT) for high school applicants for Fall 2022 enrollment. Testing results shared with LREI will be considered as supplemental information to the required high school admissions materials. Sharing testing results is not required and we equally consider applicants who submit testing to those who do not. We support all students who apply to LREI regardless of access and resources for standardized testing and we will assess each applicant as an individual.

    If you would like to opt in to take an admissions test, please see the information below about signing up for the ISEE or SSAT, including LREI's school code.
    • To schedule the ISEE, please visit the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) website or call ERB at 212-672-9800. Please select LREI as a school to receive your student's scores by entering our school code: 336195.
    • To schedule the SSAT, please visit the SSAT website or call SSAT at 609-683-4440. Please type LREI into the search bar and select LREI as a school to receive your student's scores.
    Admissions testing should be completed as early as possible, but no later than January 15, 2022.

    If you have questions regarding testing or about receiving a testing fee waiver, please contact the High School Admissions Office.
  • Financial Aid

    We offer financial aid to students in grades Fours through Twelfth Grade. Financial aid decisions are made independently of admissions decisions, and awards are based solely on financial need. All financial information submitted is kept confidential. Applicants interested in applying for financial aid should check the appropriate box on the application. Financial aid applications are due December 15, 2021. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid page.
  • Decisions & Notifications

    Admissions decisions are based on the written application, interview, school records, student visit and test information as required. Decision notifications will be posted on Ravenna according to the guidelines set by the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY). Notifications will be sent via email from Please set your email account to accept emails from this address as well as