As members of the LREI community, we understand that technology and digital activity is an extension of analog and physical activity. We agree to use technology responsibly and act ethically and in accordance with the policies and mission of LREI in digital spaces. We understand that school rules apply to digital spaces and the ethical and responsible use of technology extends to our behavior beyond school grounds. We recognize that we must be mindful of our words and actions online and understand that our words and behavior online affects others.

  • In class I will use accounts and technology for school-related research and activities only
  • I will use technology in the classroom only when explicitly permitted by my teacher 
  • I understand that personal devices are not allowed to be used during class without the permission of a teacher 
  • I will be a partner in enforcing these policies. If I see someone not following these expectations, I will remind them what to do or tell an adult
  • I will not burden the bandwidth and wifi capabilities of the school’s systems for nonacademic purposes (streaming media, downloads, etc.) when I am not in class 
  • I will use only legal software on school devices, including school-issued laptops 

  • I will not represent other people’s work (including AI-generated content) as my own
  • I will disclose external resources used to create content (tutors, peers, AI tools, parents, etc)
  • I will not create, send, or share electronically, content that harasses, bullies, or attacks other individuals or groups
  • I will not create, send, or share electronically, content that includes language or imagery containing bigotry, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of discrimination or defamation
  • I will not send explicitly sexual content in words or pictures
  • I will not attempt to get access to someone else's account or damage their device through hacking, phishing, malware, or similar means
  • I will not use other people's passwords or access others' files
  • I will not create accounts for impersonation or misrepresent my age to create an account
  • I will not take any actions that knowingly violate any school policy, or any city, state, or federal statute
  • I will be an upstander: if I see others violating LREI's technology policies or using digital tools to cause harm, I will speak up
  • I will be mindful of the environment and print only when necessary. 

  • I will protect my privacy and the privacy of others by never giving out personal information online
  • I will use secure passwords and only share my passwords with a trusted adult
  • If I feel unsafe while using technology, I will tell an adult
  • If I see that someone I know is engaging in harmful behavior or being targeted online, I will report that behavior to a trusted adult at school

Care of Devices 
  • I will treat equipment with care and respect
  • I will refrain from activity that might be harmful to the school’s systems or to any information stored thereon, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, or damaging files
  • I will keep my workspace free of crumbs, liquids, or anything messy while working on or around my 1:1 device or shared devices at school
  • I will follow the technology expectations and norms as described in this document and set by my teachers
  • I will report any issues with or damage to my 1:1 device or shared devices to the tech office in a timely manner

Student Understanding 
  • I understand that using technology is a privilege and access may be limited if I do not use it responsibly
  • I understand that files and data stored on school computers, accounts, or server space are not guaranteed full privacy. LREI reserves the right to read and/or remove any files on school systems and accounts without prior notification 
  • I understand that the scope of this policy extends to the use of devices and software outside the LREI network as such use connects and/or impacts members of the community
  • LREI will investigate any misconduct as needed and apply appropriate consequences as laid out elsewhere in this handbook
  • This policy is a living document and may be changed by the School
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