As we celebrate our Centennial, we invite the LREI community to come together to support our outstanding program, students, and faculty by completing The Campaign for Progress: Ensuring the Vision and raising at least $20 million to secure LREI’s endowment fund. 

An endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested, and each year a portion of the earnings, the "endowment draw," is paid out to support the school's annual operating budget, while the rest is used to build the fund's value. In this way, the endowment fund can grow while providing much-needed budget relief.

A robust endowment ensures that LREI is able to:

  • Increase access for a greater number of talented students to benefit from an LREI education, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Enhance and grow our progressive program to continue to provide our students with the skills and tools necessary to be successful, empathetic, and engaged citizens.
  • Recruit and retain talented faculty to continue to develop and implement progressive curricula, provide current faculty with more professional development opportunities, and reward outstanding faculty members with professional development grants.
  • Improve all our learning spaces to provide our students with the optimal progressive educational environment.

Our historic Campaign for Progress is our community’s pledge to build and sustain LREI’s progressive legacy. The investment we make in our program, families, faculty, and facilities is essential to our children’s educational experience. As we look to the next 100 years and beyond, we must ensure that LREI always remains as vibrant and enriching as it is today. Our history demands it, our teachers and our students deserve it, and our future depends on it. Please click here to support this vital endeavor. 

For more information, contact Director of Advancement Jenny Weil at or 212-477-5320. 
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