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  • Digitially

    Games: Packet of TERC math games that your child will be familiar with from playing in school. The games are also available digitally
  • Fast Fluency

    We have included word problems, flash cards, and online resources to support your child in practicing the grade-level facts that should be automatic going into the next grade
  • Dreambox

    This online program is aligned to our curriculum and focuses on the same mathematical models and strategies we use in school! We recommend that your child continue to practice on Dreambox for at least 60–90 minutes or about 5–8 lessons per week. Since Dreambox adapts to what your child is completing, this amount of time allows it to be the most impactful
  • Workbook

    Although no workbook perfectly matches our curriculum, we do recommend the Spectrum Math workbooks. Since this book does not correspond exactly with our curriculum, your child may not be familiar with how to answer each question. Therefore, if your child runs into concepts or strategies they aren’t familiar with, they can attempt or simply skip them.
  • More

    Lower School Summer Math Resources from Lindsey Rosenblatt, LS Math Consultant

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We are excited to be offering some new classes in Afterschool in the Fall, such as Super Sports 1 & 2, Girls' Basketball, Ping Pong, Cardboard Castles & Catapults, Tiny Worlds, and Sensory Science, as well as some old favorites.
Core Afterschool, Enrichment, and Instrumental Program descriptions, teacher bios, and additional information are available on the Afterschool Website.
If you have questions about registration or the Afterschool Program in general, please contact Adrian Jevicki at ajevicki@lrei.org, or Clara Campos at ccampos@lrei.org.
Please note: Online registration will re-open in the fall from Wednesday, September 6th through Friday, September 8th for families to register or make changes to their existing selections. 
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