The Energy at the Top of the Mountain

Dear High School Families,
The opening day of high school this week reminded Allison of a moment her family shared over the summer on their first ever mountain biking trip. Prior to the trip they spent time prepping and getting their gear together, and their boys had spent years developing the bike skills they needed to tackle the mountain they were up against. That said, once they ascended the mountain on the lifts and unloaded their bikes from the rack they found themselves in a whole new, unfamiliar world. 

There is a lot of energy at the top of a mountain: the low hum from conversations about routes and strategizing about potential pitfalls echoes around the trail opening. Excitement and nervousness sit in tension with one another, because though riders can choose their runs, ultimately there are many unknowns, and these must be taken as they come. And this is both the work and the exhilaration of the ride.
In similar fashion our students milled around the lobby on Wednesday morning, anticipating the ride on which they were embarking. And then, class by class, they began.
The class of 2022 leapt into their high school experience by loading the buses to Ramapo
for their 3-day orientation, and when they walk back into the building tomorrow they will be changed by their time together. The class of 2021 set out together to spend time on Shelter Island--a new year, and a new adventure to launch them into the year ahead. The class of 2020 took some big intellectual leaps as they began planning for their research trips in April during the Junior Class Trip Lab. And, the class of 2019 began their senior year journey with the Senior Project Lab experience. Thus, each student that walked in the door on Wednesday began their ride--embracing both the exhilaration and challenges that it will bring!

And along for this ride as well is our amazing faculty. We thank them for their commitment to creating experiences this week that set up our students for the year ahead.

We are so excited to spend this year with your students. Know that we are here and ready to meet the challenges and celebrate the successes as they come.