The Having of Wonderful Ideas

Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
Dear HS Families,
The “having of wonderful ideas”, a phrase coined by Eleanor Duckworth, renowned researcher and educator, is what motivates and drives the LREI HS teaching team. Though we are passionate about the content areas in which we teach, what truly excites us, moves us, impresses us, and humbles us are the ideas that rise from our students everyday. Their inquiries fuel our own, creating dynamic learning environments in our classrooms, where learning is active, experiential, and relational.

Last week our teachers shared about their courses at the 11th and 12th grade Curriculum Night, and this Tuesday, 9th and 10th grade families will have the same opportunity--to hear from teachers about all that is happening in their classrooms with our students. We are grateful for the chance to share with you some of the wonderful ideas that are emerging in these classroom spaces!

As facilitators and collaborators of learning, we share the goal that Eleanor Duckworth ideated many years ago, that “The more we help students have wonderful ideas . . . the more likely it is that they will some day happen upon wonderful ideas that no one else has happened upon before.”