Welcome Back to 40 Charlton!

Margaret Paul
Dear families,
It is the most extraordinary of days--we have welcomed our high school students back to 40 Charlton . . . it was so incredibly emotional to see them streaming down the street and into the lobby. Our entire faculty was present to welcome them back, share summer stories, and begin our year together. There was just SO MUCH JOY!
We also acknowledge (and are keenly aware of) the anxieties and worries that our students have carried back into the building with them. Returning to school is hard, and returning to the building during the ongoing pandemic creates more stress for some. Please hear us--we’ll say it over and over--we are watching over your children, checking on them, and supporting them as they move through this transition. Just like you, we cannot keep them from experiencing anxiety and worry, but we can make sure that they know we are here for them now and throughout the rest of their high school experience.
At LREI, we deeply care about students’ academic experience, and our teachers have been preparing throughout the summer to provide a rich, deeply intellectual environment for students to learn in. And we equally care about their lived experiences through these four years of high school--as they move in and out of friendships, interests, challenges, and successes. It is in these parts of your students’ lives that our teachers will engage meaningfully as trusted advisors, with listening ears and encouraging words.
Today, we began this journey with them through grade-level orientations that precede the beginning to our academic program on Monday, September 13th.
Our 9th graders took off on buses for Camp Ramapo where, led by their advisors, dean, and senior peer leaders, they will begin to get to know one another and learn more about 9th grade.
Our 10th graders also took off on buses . . . having missed their chance to attend the Ramapo orientation last year, they are enjoying a “re-orientation” with their advisors and deans at Frost Valley. We’re so excited that our class of 2024 can have this experience together!
Our 11th graders spent the day in a celebratory, community-building experience together across the campus, accompanied by their advisors and dean. And tomorrow, they will kick off the work of the Junior Class Trip, a year-long inquiry that will lead them to place-based research trips in the spring. This is an exciting moment for juniors!
And our SENIORS, the class of 2022, entered the building for their final year at LREI! The excitement echoed through the lobby as they celebrated their arrival at this moment. We celebrated with them as well--we are so very proud of the leaders they have become, and we are looking forward to this year with them.
In all, it was a special day here, and one that is impossible to communicate through this brief note. Thank you for trusting us with your children; we love who they are, and who they are becoming. It’s going to be a wonderful year!

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