Democracy Day

Margaret Paul & Allison Isbell
Dear families,
On Tuesday the entire high school put our regular program on pause for the purpose of democracy. For the past three years we have, with the leadership of Ann Carroll, the Elections Class, and Students for Democracy, spent a day in November working to understand how to tend to and sustain our democratic society. Fundamental to this day is cultivating the understanding that democracy is not a static state, but is a project that is dynamic, ongoing, and also vulnerable and in need of protection. 

Across the day LREI high school students learned about various aspects of civic engagement, and ways they can take action right now. We are so proud of our student leaders who built workshops to teach their peers–this is what makes LREI so very special.
Classes offered during Democracy Day:

States In Revolt! The ISL Theory and Erasing Checks and Balances 
The Global Shift to the Right
Outfoxed: The Rise of Fox News and the Role of Propaganda in the 2022 Election
INFLATION: How the state of the Economy Determines the Outcome of Elections
Abortion, the Dobbs Decision and Its Impact on the Mid-Terms
Dismantling the Voting Rights Act: How States are Silencing Marginalized Communities 
Election Deniers in Office: what Does This Mean for the Future of Elections? 
Follow the Money: Campaign Finance, Money in Politics and How it All Works
The Political Athlete and the Politics of Sports 
Political Art and Design: Creating Impactful Images 
Finding the Truth: Identifying Misinformation and Disinformation 
Redistricting/Gerrymandering : How Maps Can Be Used to Manipulate Democracy
In God We Trust: Christian Evangelicals and American Politics 
Power, The Electoral College, and Math
January 6th: the Rise of Extreme America
Who Represents You?
The Politics of Critical Race Theory 
Political Poetry: Poems as Protest
From Reasonable to Radical: How the GOP Became Divided
Immigration, Asylum, and Border Policy
Analyzing Campaign Ads as Propaganda
Public Education and the Establishment Clause: schools are not a guarantee for all children anymore
Whose Vote Counts? Voter Suppression 

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