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Margaret Paul & Allison Isbell
Dear Families,
Happy new year from the high school! We were excited to welcome our students back this week and are looking forward to a great winter term together.

We want to take this opportunity to share about two programs in the high school that are defining experiences for upperclassmen.

This fall, our Class of 2024 has been working, as the junior classes before them, in the Junior Trip Lab–a design space where students articulate issues in the U.S. they feel are pressing, and then find their way to “place” where they will study these issues within communities who are working to address them.
We are so proud of the serious, intellectual work our Class of 2024 has engaged in this fall–they have approached this project with passion, curiosity, and heart. We are so pleased to share with you (below) the topics and locations for the Class of 2024 Junior Trip: 

Homelessness in San Francisco, CA
Gun Violence in Colorado Springs, CO
Mental Health and Drug Abuse TBD
Mass Incarceration and the Death Penalty in New Orleans, LA
Abortion Access in Austin, TX
Climate Change in Miami, FL
Missing & Murdered Indigenous Peoples in Montana
And, this week we kicked off the Senior Project lab for our Class of 2023, where they have begun to design the self-guided, capstone projects they will engage in during trimester 3. Past Senior projects span fields of art, fashion, music, business, entrepreneurship, non-profit work, advocacy, research, writing, and so many more. We are excited to see what our Class of 2023 chooses to pursue as the culminating academic project of their high school experience at LREI.
If you are interested in supporting one of our seniors pursuing mentorship or an internship in your area of expertise, please reach out to Karyn Silverman, HS Senior Project Coordinator, to discuss. We have always been so fortunate to have the support of the LREI community during Senior Project, and the opportunities provided have deepened and added so much to our students’ experience.


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