Middle School

In Middle School, activities take on a more elaborate role in the program. The early-morning fifth and sixth grade intramural sports program is coached by teachers. This developmental program flows into our many interscholastic middle school teams that engage and challenge our seventh and eighth grade scholar athletes.

Annual overnight trips that build on the curricula at each grade level are a highlight of the middle school experience. Trips to countries connected to our world languages program occur during breaks in the academic calendar introduce students to whole new worlds, both literally and figuratively. Through our activity period program, teachers get to know and share interests with students through diverse offerings that include meditation, knitting and comic books. For those who love language, there is the Literary magazine Yearbook and the Middle School Newspaper; for aspiring world leaders, the Model Congress program; and for futurists, our robotics and Rube Goldberg teams.

Many middle schoolers participate in the dramatic and musical theater program that is structured so that the director finds a role for every interested student. Students who are interested in learning a brass or woodwind instrument participate in our morning band program.

Middle School community service is a dynamic year-round experience that involves every student. The entire division is involved in a range of activities, including park cleanups and our relationship with the St. John the Baptist Food Pantry. Through our ongoing work with the City Parks Department, students plant flowers and maintain Little Red Square, right outside our front doors. Middle School students participate annually in the AIDS Walk and UNICEF. Middle School students make holiday cards for clients at God’s Love We Deliver, share their books through Project Cicero, and raise awareness and funds for child health issues through the Pennies for Patients project.
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