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The high school co-curriculum is remarkable for the range of activities offered, the total number of students who participate and the impressive number of students who participate in multiple activities. All of our co-curricular activities, from sports to community service, to drama productions, are fundamental components of who we are as a school and of the high school experience in particular. Many of these activities have been initiated and are actively led by the students themselves. All activities have dedicated faculty advisors.
The five broad areas of the high school co-curriculum are athletics, the arts, service, civic activities and special interests. On average 70 percent of the student body participates on at least one school sports team each year. The same can be said of the arts. The two major drama productions together involve a quarter of the student body, and our performances are distinguished. We don’t have a separate caste of athletes or artists at our school. Our team members are also journalists for the school newspaper, The Knightly News and yearbook staffers are also musicians in the EI Jazz Band.
Just as the arts have been a major strand of our philosophy, program and community life since LREI’s founding, so have the ethic of service and the imperative of citizenship. Students share responsibility with the adults in the community for keeping the ideals of the school alive in our buildings every day. High School Peer Leaders and Honor Board Representatives are seen as valued colleagues who help to translate our school’s ideals into the everyday governance and civic life of the school community for our new and younger students. The high school co-curriculum offers students new experiences and opportunities to pursue their established interests in a supportive, lively, enthusiastic and engaging atmosphere.
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