from Director of Learning & Innovation Mark Silberberg

August, 2021
Dear Families,

For the past year and a half, we've spent the majority of our time responding thoughtfully and creatively to the immediate and changing conditions just in front of us.  In doing this essential work, we refined our capacity for being nimble, flexible and empathetic. These efforts reinforced for me the value of attending to the process that is essential to deep learning. It also reminded me of the daily effort that is grounded in purpose that is at the center of the LREI experience.

What was harder over these many months and what has never been more essential to our mission focused work is the ability to look beyond what is just in front of us and towards the further horizon of what is possible. As we enter this new centennial year that further focus has never been more important. Our work over the last year and a half has helped us to better see what is essential to our mission; this work is embedded in practices that we will continue to refine. We also discovered practices that we've held onto as tradition that are no longer relevant to our forward leaning efforts; these practices we will begin to let go of as we develop new practices that can better amplify our progressive purpose.

The importance of this work and the ways in which it seeks to narrow the distance between the classroom and the world beyond the school house continue to be a driving motivation for us. I'm excited for the distance we'll travel this year together and what we will learn.

It continues to be a true privilege to engage in this ongoing work with teachers and staff to document and share our work within and beyond the LREI community. I also look forward to my ongoing collaborations with you as we explore the meaning and value of an LREI education.

In collaboration,

Mark Silberberg
Director of Learning and Innovation