from Middle School Principal Ana Fox Chaney '94

August 2021

Dear Middle School Families,
I hope your family has some rest and some joy this summer. The passage of time has felt even more strange and fitful than usual this summer; maybe it’s a ripple from how the pandemic stretched and shrank time. At times I’ve felt like July was over in a blink and at others like I’ve been gleefully suspended in the grip of summer, eating corn and tomatoes, staying up too late. I wonder if you’ve felt that too. I wonder how all our middle schoolers have occupied themselves this summer and how ready they are to return. As much as we all needed to take a breath at the end of this long and strange year, the teachers and I are so excited to recreate middle school life and routines that are more typical and less restricted.

Here are a few important dates and resources. I look forward to seeing you all soon. 
First Day: The first day of school is Thursday, September 9th. The official start of the day - and every school day for Middle School students - is 8:15 a.m. 
Advisor Meetings: During the first full week (starting Monday, September 13th), you will be able to sign up for  a 15-minute welcome conference with your child and their advisor. You will receive more details and a link to sign up for those conferences soon. 

Middle School Curriculum Night: Tuesday, October 5th at 6:30 p.m over zoom. We hope and expect that all families will attend.
New Parents: LREI 101 is our parent orientation session for all families of students that are new to the LREI community. It will provide an in-depth introduction and overview to LREI, its mission and social justice initiatives. LREI 101 will be held on Wednesday, September 15th at 8:30am.
The Middle School Student and Family Handbook: Please review the middle school student and family handbook: This contains pages about norms and policies as well as extracurricular activities, teams and clubs. 
Summer Reading, Assignments and Supplies: Please visit the Fall 2021-22 Information Page. The Middle School links for summer reading, assignments, and supply lists are all there at the bottom of the page under the “Middle School” banner. Please note that supply lists are all in one document, with the fifth grade letter first. For other grades, just scroll down. The information page linked above also contains all health forms and instructions for logging in to Connect (our password protected website).

Homeroom, Advisor and Class Lists: Consult the link on the Fall 2021-22 Information Page mentioned above to see this year’s class groupings. The main groupings are the homeroom groups and the A/B groupings. Students spend about an equal amount of time in these two different combinations. Advisor groups are also listed, though it’s important to note that students’ time with their advisors each morning and afternoon is with the other advisory group in their homeroom - not separate. In addition to these, students are in different groups for World Language classes and for Performing Arts Majors (in the seventh and eighth grades).  

Class selection: Rising seventh graders and new seventh and eighth graders must complete the Performing Arts Majors selection form if they haven’t already. New students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades will also need to let me know what their world language choice is. (Fifth graders will take a few weeks to sample French, Spanish and Mandarin before making their selection.)

That’s all for now. Please tell your middle schooler we’re all so excited to see them and also not to worry - there’s still some summer left. If you have specific questions about any of the above items, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Ana Fox Chaney
Middle School Principal