from High School Co-Principals Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul

Dear High School families and students,

As we begin the final weeks of preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, we write to you with a quick update. First, we truly hope your families have enjoyed this summer together, and have found some space to catch your breath from the intensity of the school year. We have both enjoyed time away with our families . . . at one point we were holding down both coasts, with Margaret in Maine and Allison in Malibu! We thank you for your understanding as we stepped away from our email for a bit--it was truly a gift to have time to rest and recover.

As we look to the upcoming school year, here are a few reminders as you prepare for your student’s return to school.

Pre-season Practices
Athletic Director Peter Fisher and our coaches have been in touch regarding the pre-season practice schedule, which begins on Monday, August 23rd. If you have any questions or would still like for your student to join a team, please write to Peter:

Opening Days of School
The first day of school is Thursday, September 9th. We will, as usual, begin with special programming for all grades. Trimester 1 classes begin on Monday, September 13th.
  • 9th Grade Orientation: Our rising class of 2025 will arrive at 8 am on Sept. 9th, and will board the buses to Camp Ramapo for their 2-day orientation. Joy Piedmont, 9th grade dean, advisors, and the senior peer leaders will join them. Camp Ramapo has run all summer and is equipped to accommodate groups using Covid guidelines. We will send more information from the camp just prior to the trip. If you have any questions, please reach out to Joy:
  • 10th Grade Re-Orientation:Our rising class of 2024 will also arrive at 8 am on Sept. 9th, and will board buses to Frost Valley for their 2-day re-orientation, since they missed their trip last year due to Covid. The 10th Grade team will accompany the grade for these 2 days. Again, more information will be sent just prior to the trip regarding camp guidelines etc.
  • Junior Orientation: Our rising class of 2023 will arrive at 9 am on Thursday, September 9th and will start their Junior Trip experience with Manjula Nair, Junior dean, Jessica Prohias Gardiner, Junior Trip Facilitator, and their advisors. It is so exciting to welcome the class of 2023 into this central experience in their high school program. We will share a specific schedule with Juniors the week of September 9th.
  • Senior Year Orientation: First, welcome to your senior year, Class of 2022! We look forward to all of the milestones along the way. First up, you will begin your year with a class celebration and reflection, and then in an intensive college workshop with Carey and Kellen. Adele de Biasi Pelz is the Senior dean, and she will work with Carey, Kellen, and senior advisors to guide them through both their orientation days and their senior year.
School Supplies and Laptops
  • 9th grade students and families can access a supply list, and other important information via the 9th grade blog:
  • All other students should choose school supplies based on their preferences and method of organization. 
  • All upperclassmen need a graphing calculator.
  • All new students will receive a school-issued MacBook when they arrive. It is our preference that students use their school-issued laptop for schoolwork and school activities.
  • All new students will receive a school ID when they arrive. If returning students have lost their ID, they should contact Jenny: for a replacement.
All student schedules will be viewable after Labor Day through Connect. The trimester 1 Add/Drop period begins when school opens, and will remain open through the first week of school.

Student advisors will be in touch with families at the beginning of September. If you have updates you want to provide regarding your student, don’t hesitate to be in touch with your advisor. Please note that faculty is still on break, so their response time may reflect that.

All parent and medical provider forms in Magnus were due on 8/1. Please complete these forms now to ensure we have all of the information necessary to prepare for the Ramapo trip. Students without all medical forms completed will not be permitted to board the bus.
COVID Vaccinations
All students 12 years of age and older are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 unless they have an approved exemption on file. We strongly encourage you to have your child vaccinated if you have not done so already. Please contact Phil Kassen if you have questions about requesting an immunization exemption. 
COVID Testing
All students must have a negative PCR taken on or after 9/5, submitted to Magnus by 9/8, regardless of vaccination status. 
Students who are not fully vaccinated (2 weeks after their 2nd dose) must also take a Rapid Antigen test at school on 9/9 prior to boarding the bus. Note that a testing consent has been added to Mangus to permit this testing. If you do not consent to this testing at school, you must obtain a rapid antigen test on 9/9 prior to arrival.
We will have a nurse on this trip to attend to student medical needs and administer medications. 
  • Students are not permitted to carry or administer any medications with the exception of Epi Pens and Inhalers for emergency use with written permission from their medical provider. 
  • Our nurse will have access to standard OTC medications, and can administer them with parental consent in Magnus. There is no need to pack the following medications: Tylenol, ibuprofen, benadryl, bacitracin, hydrocortisone, tums. 
  • If your child will need any other medications while on the trip, please have their medical provider complete the attached form. This form must be co-signed by a parent. Please upload this form to your child's Magnus account. 
  • Medications brought from home must be delivered to school in advance. Ava will be at LREI to collect medications on Wednesday 9/8 from 9am - 1pm. Please email Ava ( to coordinate if a different date/time is needed.
In the final weeks of preparation, we are thinking of all of our students and cannot wait to welcome them back to school! Should you need anything from us, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

We’re so excited to begin this year together!

Allison & Margaret