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Spring in LS with Principal Elena Jaime

The past few weeks have been exciting ones in the Lower School. The halls are buzzing with the sounds of our Four Cs in action. Citizenship and creativity are currently on the minds of first graders. Their focus on the ways in which communities care for each other by sharing acts of kindness led one first grade class to be inspired by the model of an organization they studied, God’s Love We Deliver, and create their own system of exchange of snacks for acts of kindness in the division, Snack Love We Deliver. This led another class to challenge the community to document 100 acts of kindness in honor of the 100th Day of School. Not surprisingly, the community rose to the challenge, surpassing this expectation. Our first graders are modeling the ways in which we can all be called into service to others in creative and thoughtful ways, something that can be seen in countless ways throughout the division.
Critical thinking and courage are on display in big and small ways each and every day in the lower school. One major moment this week came courtesy of the third graders. The installation of their Manahatta museum was truly inspiring. The transformations of the classrooms and hallways into a Lenape village and Dutch settlement were, in and of themselves, breathtaking. The true magic, however, came as I had the pleasure of visiting in each location, and speaking with the students who assumed the identities of members of one of the communities, sharing a wealth of information about anything from the ways in which certain games prepared Lenape children for the roles they would assume in adulthood, to the important position that a baker occupied in his Dutch community because of the ways in which his products reminded his neighbors of their home villages in Amsterdam. In their roles, the students answered questions from the guests of the museum, pulling from their storehouse of knowledge and courageously sharing their learning with adults and peers alike. I had the pleasure of walking through with a visitor to LREI, and was able to experience those first few moments of seeing the museum through her eyes, a truly affirming experience. The awe she experienced as she listened to and watched the students in action is something I have the privilege of witnessing across the division on a daily basis.

Elena Jaime, Lower School Principal