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Faith Hunter
Dear Families,
I hope this email finds you staying warm and healthy. A Happy New Year to those of you who are celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend.
I often talk about the fun of teaching after winter break. Students are so in the groove that learning feels accelerated and a quick walk around the building provides more material than I could ever fit in one Push Page. It was hard not to make this a mile-long scroll. Please enjoy!

First graders practice reading and writing their site words together.
First graders share and learn about the Lunar New Year.


Louis Armstrong
Ella Fitzgerald
First graders spent the week of BLM Week of Action with a “song of the day,” listening to the melodies and lyrics of prominent Black musicians. Class favorites included Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Willie Mae Thorton, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, and James Brown.

“We know that music and dance are simple ways of not only bringing joy but also learning about history by looking at the lyrics and artists’ backgrounds.” — Amina and Andrea, 1st Grade Teachers

First grade remote students are working on creating their own games during social studies while developing their nonfiction writing skills in a "how-to" unit in which they write directions on how to play their games.

Second graders are launching their nonfiction literacy unit, which centers on gathering research and writing biographies about changemakers of interest. “I picked Simon Biles as a changemaker because I like to learn about changemakers who are women.” Inez Gimbel, 1st Grader


Second graders write full sentences in Spanish about their favorite animals.

E34 Remote has been examining the past as a team of historic investigators tasked with preserving the stories of Minetta. Over the past couple of weeks, they have uncovered artifacts from boxes from the 1600s — one belonging to a Dutch colonist and the other to a freed African living in New Amsterdam — and researched what their stories are.


Now that third graders have learned to use the “hamburger graphic organizer” to think critically about paragraphs, it’s time to put multiple paragraphs together as they write their fictional stories.


Remote third graders investigate area in their Geometry unit.

Lower School had so much fun playing in the snow together over the past two weeks!

Warm regards,
Faith Hunter


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