LREI // LS News 10/28/21

Faith Hunter
Over the past few weeks, our 4th Grade writers spent classes drafting, revising and editing, and ultimately publishing a very important piece. Their task? Convince Phil that Lower School students should be allowed to wear costumes to school for Halloween.


Creating authentic teaching and learning experiences is one of the ways we ensure our students are intrinsically motivated, actively engaged, and 110% invested in their learning. Last Thursday, as I looked through the pile of 30 persuasive essays addressed to Phil, I delighted in knowing that lessons like organizing paragraphs, using proper punctuation, and including effective supporting details were coming to life in our fourth graders’ writing. Their essays were some of the best I’ve read. Why? Because they knew their writing could have a real impact on their community.

Last Friday, Phil visited each 4th Grade classroom. He shared that he had read the persuasive essays, which were also posted at the parent potluck. In the end, Phil approved wearing costumes for Halloween - our fourth graders rejoiced in knowing their writing had made a difference.

I anticipate that our fourth graders will take an extra bit of joy in both our Friday morning Halloween Lower School gathering and our afternoon Halloween parade. Our hope is that, as our students travel through the Lower School here at LREI, they consistently feel that what they are learning can make a real change in their world. 

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