LREI Participates in Student Walkout - 3/14/18, 10:00 AM

In preparation of the student-led National School Walkout on Wednesday, March 14th, middle school student Elijah M. '22 encourages fellow students to participate in our silent protest. Below is Elijah's letter to our community:
Dear Middle School,
In response to the Parkland, Florida shooting there will be a walkout on March 14th. If you don't know, a walkout is students coming together to protest. 
We will be leaving the school building and protesting outside the Sixth Avenue campus at 10:00 AM. We will remain outside for 17 minutes (one for every person killed in the shooting). If you would like to make signs for yourself or others, that would be incredibly helpful, and we definitely encourage you to do so. This is a silent protest. We will be showing our support with the signs that we hold, and show respect for all the victims of gun violence with our silence. We will let you know when it is time to go back to class, and it's important that you do go straight back to class. This is not an opportunity just to miss class, this is a meaningful movement.
The gun control laws must be changed or mass shootings will only continue, more horrible and often than ever. By walking out you will be showing your support of gun control, and making a difference.  I strongly encourage all of you to participate, but it is your choice. If you have any questions about this walkout or the movement in general please feel free to ask me by email, or come up to me in person. 
Elijah M. '22