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Margaret Paul
Dear Families,
In the hustle and bustle of this fall semester--of classes happening both in person and online--we have not shared nearly enough about all the incredible learning experiences that occur across our program everyday. Wow--there is so much to share! We’ll never capture it all in one short message, but here are some snapshots of the past few weeks. 
Our student scientists have been exploring Coulomb’s Law in Electricity and Magnetism, pressure versus number of particles in 9th grade Chemistry, and constant acceleration particle modeling in 10th grade Physics. And today, student scientists in Optics and Acoustics dissected cow eyes.
10th Grade Physics
11th/12th Optics & Acoustics
Our math classes have increased in energy and challenge as students debate and negotiate solutions from 9th through 12th grades, both on the Zoom screens and in our physical classrooms. It’s so hard to communicate through photos the level of mathematical discourse that transpires in these spaces! 
Across the arts, students are imagining and making beautiful things--from films to ceramics to paintings, and photographs. And the music they are creating in the music room and courtyard has filled the school with sound and life.
11th/12th Studio Art
11th/12th Studio Art
The vast array of electives across History and English astonish us every time we move through classes . . . do you know all of the humanities classes that are currently on offer?
And our World Language classes have used music, film making, storytelling, and small group discussions to build fluency in Spanish, Mandarin, and French. Many groups have taken walking field trips to place orders for special treats in their language of study.
Anytime we give highlights like this, we know we leave so much unsaid. 
Your students continue to lead and participate in X-Blocks, work independently on Honors Projects, and volunteer for peer tutoring and other initiatives both at school and beyond. In the midst of this time, they are working so incredibly hard, and we are so proud of them! 
We, the faculty, show up everyday because of their energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm. We are so thankful for our students!

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