Celebrating & Singing Together

In addition to their biweekly music classes, early childhood students come together in a large group once a month to sing all together. This smaller gathering provides our youngest students with an opportunity to develop their connection to the greater community.

First through fourth grade students meet periodically  for Lower School Gathering. Fourth grade students, as leaders of the Lower School are in charge of developing the program and leading the gathering. It is a time to share with the community at large, practice public speaking and presentation, and also to share and exchange information. We might hear a poem, see a skit, hear about a special field trip, or get a preview from the Middle School play or the chorus if a performance is approaching. We have reminders of upcoming community service drives, bake sales, sports events, and other news that keeps us feeling well informed as a community.

Several times a year, we gather for a large assembly as a whole division or whole school that includes our youngest to our eldest students. The community rituals and time-honored songs of these gatherings define important moments of the school year.. Annual assemblies in Lower School include Thanksgiving, Families, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Winter, and Founder’s Day.

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