Forming Relationships

At LREI, sixth graders through twelfth graders are paired as big buddies to our Fours through fifth graders. Several times a year, big and little buddies get together to cook, read a book, attend an assembly, or do arts and crafts project together. All the children cherish these special relationships. As big and little buddies pass each other in the halls, hugs and waves are often exchanged.

Family style lunch experiences offer students the opportunity to deepen their relationships. A hot lunch is delivered so that early childhood through first graders can eat in their classrooms. Lunch time jobs such setting tables, pouring milk, and passing salad set a peaceful tone as food is shared. Second, third and fourth grade students continue the tradition of eating together in the cafeteria where they are given greater responsibility and choice. It’s not uncommon to hear, “Please pass the pasta sauce,” and “What are you doing this weekend?” as they sit and share their meal together. 


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