Share a Class!
One of the great advantages of the Sixth Avenue community is the proximity of space that our lower school students share with our middle schoolers. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the wintry mix of snow and rain brought our Diane and Jessica's Fours into the PAPAS for indoor recess. Midway through the recess, our middle school dance majors'  arrived in the space for their dance class class. LS Movement and MS Dance Teacher Deborah Damast asked if the Fours class could stay to share dances with the older group. 
The impromptu class provided a wonderful collaboration of students as young as four, and as old as fourteen. The session included a question-and-answer format with their older peers, followed by a dance performance. The period concluded with a dance party to cap the spontaneous meeting.
"Everyone was so happy and excited," Damast shared. "It was beautiful to see middle schoolers being so generous, happy, and kind. The Fours were so proud to have the big kids clap and dance with them."
The occasion brought the two classes closer together. Next time the groups pass each other in the lobby, they'll have a fun memory to share.

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