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'Stone Soup' Celebration
‘Stone Soup’ is an old folk story in which hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each contribute a small amount of their own food to make a communal meal for all.

The theme of sharing and citizenship is paramount to the LREI mission. Following the class' reading, the theme of working together as a community resonated with all, leading the group to brainstorm a list of ingredients needed to help the community.

This activity helps set the tone for the collaborative work that will exist throughout the school year.

In music class, students worked in teams to write verses, culminating in Monday’s Stone Soup celebration. Here are our third graders words in action:

Kindness, Friendship, Happiness too
Carrots, Celery, throw in a few
Work, respect, sharing too
All together community stew 

Giving, sharing, kindness for you
Let’s all join for bubbling stew
Fun and friendship to add to the stew
Love, work, and respect all added too!

Friendship, kindness in a big pot 
Caring, niceness, boiling hot
Happiness, generous, and sharing too
I love sharing the stew with you

Sharing, caring, allyship too
Bubbling, bubbling, come for our stew 
Carrots, celery, cabbage too
It makes our community stew 

Sharing is caring, community soup
Carrots, potatoes, all you can chew!
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