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After a process in which our students researched and advocated for a host of place-based research topics, the juniors have ultimately formed six small groups (9-12 students per group), each of which will study a different socio-political issue over the course of the year, culminating in a week-long place-based research trip in April.

Each group will travel to a location that has been proposed by students as a place where this topic is most relevant and immediate--places where (as founder of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson urges us to do in his speech on how to change the world that served as a framing text for our work together this year) we can:
  • get proximate to these issues and the innovative work being done to address them
  • examine multiple perspectives in order to challenge easy narratives and assumptions
  • find reasons to remain hopeful by learning from those driving change in their own communities, and
  • embrace discomfort as we push outside of our comfort zones and into the unfamiliar.  
The topics and locations are as follows:
Immigration: Border Policy and Family Separation (Brownsville, Texas)
Trip Leaders: Allison Isbell, Michel de Konkoly Thege
Sea Level Rise in Coastal Communities (Louisiana Gulf Coast)
Trip Leaders: Pat Higgiston, Jess Prohias-Gardiner
Criminal Justice: Mass Incarceration (New Orleans)
Trip Leaders: Manjula Nair, Peter Heinz
Rural Economies and Political Ideology (Southeastern Kentucky)
Trip Leaders: Ann Carroll, Chris Keimig
Homelessness (Los Angeles)
Trip Leaders: Arturo Acevedo, Jonathan Segal

Abortion and Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Austin, Texas)
Trip Leaders: Kellen Howell, Kara Luce
Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
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