Family Style Lunch

At LREI, lunch is more than just a meal; it's a time and place for continued learning and reinforcement of core LREI values. Lunch is a time to explore new foods, to find comfort in old favorites, and to connect with others over a shared meal. It is an essential part of the learning experience at LREI. Students in the early childhood classes eat lunch in their classrooms and practice the skills of setting up for meals, sharing with others, "taking a brave taste" and cleaning up at the end of the meal. Students in grades 2 through 8, eat family style in the cafeteria. This shared social experience builds on the early childhood experience and skills and allows for greater independence as students get older.

We are proud to partner with Cater to You who provide our students and staff with an exceptional lunch each day:

We founded Cater to You with a shared belief to provide the best food possible for schoolchildren, based on the same philosophy that we choose when cooking for our own two young children at the time. We believed then and now that the best meals are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers and growers. 
a hands-on approach to fresh food
We love food. 
Most of all, we love food that is good for you: simple, tasty and appetizing foods prepared from scratch with fresh, sustainably sourced and better-for-you ingredients providing balanced nourishment for your body and soul.

All dressings, stocks and sauces are made fresh from scratch in the LREI kitchen.

Local resources include: 

Battenkill Dairy Milk
Sauder Farms Pasture Raised Eggs
Satur Farms Lettuces
Red Jacket Orchards Apple Cider
Stonyfield Organic Yogurts
Hepworth Farms Produce
as well as many other seasonal and local farms/ vendors.

Please enjoy this documentary film created by high school student Miles '19 that spotlights the thought, love and care that goes into the preparation of lunch each day at LREI:

Little Red School House
and Elisabeth Irwin High School

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