Yesterday in the high school we had the opportunity to take a pause in our regular courses of study for an annual event, titled #It HappensHere Day. Students attended workshops on a variety of topics, and we have included descriptions of these workshops here
Below is an explanation of the purpose of the day, drafted by student organizers over the years, followed by a photo journal to give you a window into this powerful, student-led experience. We are so proud of the ways that our students "showed up" to do this important work yesterday--both as Student Leaders and as engaged participants.
#ItHappensHere Day is about acknowledging that although we are a progressive and socially aware institution, we still have work to do. In order to fulfill our mission of equity and justice, we must be active in combating marginalization and oppression, especially in our own community. For this reason, the school has dedicated a day to investigating social justice issues present at the school and beyond, through educational workshops.
This year’s theme is ACCOUNTABILITY. We will be exploring the concept of owning up to one’s privileges and acknowledging the ways in which we contribute to systems of inequality. Although members of our community experience privilege in different ways and to varying degrees, we all have aspects of our identities that unfairly advantage us, as well as aspects that unfairly disadvantage us. We are all responsible for using whatever privileges we have to lift up those who are being marginalized.
We invite everyone to share their voices during sessions whether you are a leader or a participant. We wish to cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable calling each other IN for the collective work to happen. We hope that #ItHappensHere Day is a transformative and powerful experience for everyone.