"Final Exam Week"

Allison Isbell
This week our high school students wrapped up trimester 2 with final class sessions. And though this week is titled “Final Exam Week” it is far from the traditional load of tests that many experience in more traditional settings. Though paper exams appear at times, most of the culminating experiences of our classes are experiential, prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.
Our Arts classes engaged in critique, and our World Language classes gave presentations in their target languages. In Math and Science students worked toward mastery on content standards by demonstrating their growth on both tests and in lab experiences. And in English and History students worked collaboratively as writers, policy makers, and researchers in their specific areas of study.
Please enjoy the photo collection below as a quick snapshot of our exciting, engaging, experiential final exam week!
The European Renaissance held their final exam at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they analyzed and critiqued selected pieces.
The Literature of Mass Incarceration class visited Federal court and observed arraignments.
The 9th grade Chemistry class conducted an “investigation” of “Mole Airlines Flight 1023” where they had to solved a murder mystery using chemistry concepts.
The 10th grade engaged in an Arts Collaboration experience with 60 students visiting from the Oure school in Denmark!
Students in the HIstorical Analysis through Literature course created both oral and written histories of their families.

And this is only a glimpse of all of the amazing work that was done by your students this week! We wish you a wonderful break, and look forward to seeing you again in April.