Life in the Lower School

Elena Jaime
Dear Lower School Families,

I wish to take a moment to thank you for the time you took to come in and learn about your child’s experiences and the work the children do each day,  during the Spring Family Conferences. Ultimately, the goal of the family conference is to strengthen the support system that each child has in place in order to achieve success as a scholar and as a citizen. Thank you for the openness and thoughtfulness that I know you brought to the conversations with teachers, and the perspective that you added to the conference. I also wish to thank the teachers for their deep dedication to the students, hard work in preparing for these conferences, and their commitment to partnering with you in order support each child.

I imagine that during the conference, and in the reporting you may receive from your child about their day, you have heard about the investigations, projects and shares that have taken place over the past number of weeks. In big and small ways, the evidence of student learning and engagement is all around. Rather than continue to describe these moments in words, I wanted to capture them through photos. These images represent only a fraction of the many photos that are accessible to you through your Vidigami account which capture life in the lower school. Follow this link to create an account and access the photos.
Important Announcement
Please join the Sustainable LREI Committee and other LREI families at the second-annual EARTH MONTH BEACH CLEAN-UP AT CONEY ISLAND on Saturday, April 27th 1:00-3:00pm (Rain date is Sunday, April 28, 1:00pm-3:00pm). This is an event for the entire family.  Clean-up supplies will be provided, just bring sunscreen and snacks! We will be located on the beach behind the New York Aquarium - look for the green tent. Click here for more information. Questions? Email 

To sign up yourself & family/friends, to attend the beach clean up, please sign up here :

Important Dates:
Tuesday, April 30: Third & Fourth Grade Science Night
Wednesday, April 24-Friday, April 26: MS Art Show
Wednesday, May 8: Fours Movement Share
What To Expect Dates:
May 3: What to Expect in First Grade
May 10: What to Expect in Second Grade
May 17: What to Expect in Third Grade
May 23: What to Expect in Fourth Grade
End of Year Potluck Dates:
Monday, May 13: Deborah & Alicia’s Fourth Grade Potluck
Tuesday, May 14: Dan & Wing Mai’s Fourth Grade Potluck
Wednesday, May 15: Elaine & Shelby’s Third Grade Potluck
Monday, May 20: Jessie, Chloe & Helen’s Third Grade Potluck
Tuesday, May 21: Tasha & Melissa’s Second Grade Potluck
Wednesday, May 22: Bill & Christine’s Second Grade Potluck 
Tuesday, May 28: Ariane & Jessica’s First Grade Potluck
Wednesday, May 29: Sarah & Katy’s First Grade Potluck
Thursday, May 30: Alisa & Aiyana’s Kindergarten Potluck
Monday, June 3: Beth & Maria’s Fours Potluck
Tuesday, June 4: Elizabeth & Sharmin’s Kindergarten Potluck
Wednesday, June 5: Tammy & Elif’s Fours Potluck