What a great way to start

Day 1?  Done, and what a great day it was. 
The first day of school is always exciting. There is so much that we know to expect and so many surprises in store for us.  Each school year brings this reassuring familiarity along with the promise of new friendships, new challenges, and fresh invitations to explore the world.  

From the incoming fours who completed the first moments of their LREI journey today to the seniors who spent much of today thinking about their capstone projects and college applications, Day 1 was filled with beginning hurdles surmounted and a glimpse of taller ones on the horizon.  You don’t have to be able to leap over the tallest obstacles yet, but you do have to work hard, master essential skills, and ask for needed assistance in order to clear them when reached. I stopped to chat with a senior as she walked to the subway at the end of the day today. I asked how her day was and she said that she is not yet ready to contemplate the end of high school and leaving LREI. I told her that she does not have to be ready yet, but that by June 10th she has to be as we are going to push her out of the next that morning.  She still has time to learn and grow, and she will, all of our 644 students will.  
We are so looking forward to our work with your family. I encourage you to be involved and to be in touch. We are thrilled you are here.  
Congratulations to the students and teachers for a great first day and here’s to 165 more.