There is so much to say about the way our freshmen, the class of 2023, have shown up ready for school, ready for friendship, and ready for challenge.
They began their year at Camp Ramapo, where they scaled walls, scurried through ropes course challenges, and trusted the seniors to belay them on the (very high) Sunshine Tower. From the minute they arrived they were eager to participate and join in.

During our time at Ramapo we talked about the concept of a “Community of Care” and asked our 9th graders to consider what a Community of Care actually looks like. Their genuine, thoughtful responses were so impressive that we wanted to share some of them with you here:

And upon their return to school they immediately engaged as serious students and community members. It has been so wonderful to sit in their classes over the past few days and hear their ideas and questions. It is clear that they are committed and focused on the work of transitioning to high school, and we couldn’t be more proud of them!


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